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Deal Acres initially targeting Northern Region of India

Highly recommend it to people looking out for real-estate properties! Deal Acres did a great job in solving my problem. I had been looking for an investment property for a while but I was confused. Didn't know where to start and look so couldn't finalize it. They understood all my requirements, cleared all my queries, and helped me in finding the right property in time.
Our satisfied customer Vibhu Yadav has shared his experience with Deal Acres. As he was looking for a property for investment purpose and how our team help him to find the right property at right time – Deal Acres
by Vibhu Yadav
Software Engineer, Apple
It has been a total pleasure to have dealt with Deal Acres. Above all, they are very humble and down-to-earth people. They took all my requirements and helped me in finding my dream house in a very efficient manner. I highly recommend them. They provided me with a total value-for-money deal with no hidden charges. Thanks again for your excellent work.
Our satisfied customer Himani Verma has shared her experience with Deal Acres. As she was looking for her dream home and how our team help her in an efficient manner to find her dream home – Deal Acres
by Himani Verma
Software Engineer, Expedia Group
I'm so grateful to have had a chance to deal with Team Deal Acres. They are very polite, immensely experienced, and always ready to take up any task in every circumstance. I'm grateful for helping me out in buying a perfect house. The assets listed with Deal Acres are diligently selected and are truly marvelous. I'm really happy and satisfied with Deal Acres.
Our happy customer Mridul Bhushan has shared his experience with Deal Acres. As he wants to buy a perfect house and how our team helps him with the assets which are listed on our portal – Deal Acres
by Mridul Bhushan
Sales Manager, The LALIT Jaipur
One of the best real estate companies - AUTHENTIC! I like the way they make things clear before closing the deal. Fair Deal! Very Nice Experience. They help everyone in finding out the best deal. It was an amazing experience and I was able to find out my dream house with their help. I’ll recommend everyone to once visit them before buying any property.
Our happy customer Rinku Mittal has shared her experience with Deal Acres. As she was looking for her dream home and with the help of our team, she was able to find her dream home – Deal Acres
by Rinku Mittal
Dentist, Shubham Dental Clinic

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