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The importance of location in real estate cannot be overstated. Why? Well, it is the value of the land that increases over time, not the value of the built structure. In fact, the structure’s value would ideally depreciate. Because of this, location is extremely important. After all, the cost of land is determined by its location. In addition to appreciation, your property purchase decision is influenced by budget, social and physical infrastructure, connectivity, neighborhood, and civic amenities. These factors would also influence whether you should buy in the city or the suburbs, or in a larger or smaller city.

Urban VS Sub Urban Real Estate

Urban VS Sub Urban Real Estate - Deal Acres

End-users and investors are drawn to the suburban areas of various metro cities because of the affordable yet spacious housing units, the expanding civic and social infrastructure, the enhanced quality of life, and the arrival of renowned developers. Popular areas close to the city center are, however, suffering from space saturation and price inflation. The new generation of investors favors suburbia primarily for these reasons. READ MORE…

Metro Cities VS Small Cities

Metro Cities VS Small Cities - Deal Acres

Choosing between investing in a metropolis or a smaller city is a problem that both real estate investors and house buyers usually experience. Yet again, the answer is greatly based on the reason for the purchase. Let’s explore each of their pros and cons in detail. It is obvious that purchasing a house in a metro area will cost more than purchasing one in a small city. However, while making a real estate investment, location is an important factor. Metro areas outperform smaller cities in this area. READ MORE…

Developed Localities VS Developing Localities

Developed Localities VS Developing Localities - Deal Acres

After deciding on the budget of your home. now it’s time to finalize the perfect location of your property. Every aspect of your life is impacted by where you stay. Your quality of life, your ability to commute to work, and other aspects of your daily life are impacted. by whether you live close to a downtown commercial district or a suburban community. READ MORE…

Home Comparison Checklist

Home Comparison Checklist - Deal Acres

Purchasing your dream home necessitates extensive research into various property parameters. It is common to make comparisons between the various options available. However, if you do not take proper note of every minute detail, it can be a time-consuming process. We have created a ‘Home Comparison Checklist,’ which allows you to compare the shortlisted properties based on key criteria. READ MORE…

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