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Are you Looking for your first home? Decide what you want to own before you take the dive. Do you want to buy a society apartment adorned with the finest amenities, or do you want to be the proud owner of a villa? Is staying in the city center essential for you, or can you live in the suburbs? All of these and other questions must be addressed before you begin the home-buying process. It may appear to be a difficult task, but Deal Acres Buyers Manual will help you sail through it with ease, comfort, and confidence.

Under Construction Property VS. Ready to Move Property

Under Construction Property VS. Ready to Move Property - Deal Acres

Choosing between a home that is ready to move into now or one that is still under construction is a decision that almost all prospective home buyers struggle with. It is essential to understand the specific advantages and disadvantages of both of these property categories because they serve and suit various purposes and goals. Here is a ready-made handbook to aid in your decision-making. READ MORE…

Investment VS. End-Use

Investment vs End-use - Deal Acres

A guided decision with well-defined aims and objectives should be made when purchasing a real estate asset, especially one that is registered in your name. When investing your entire life’s resources in the real estate market, one cannot simply allow any room for uncertainty. Although the terms “investment” and “end-use” are commonly used in relation to purchasing real estate. Many people are unable to distinguish the subtle differences between the two. READ MORE…

Leasehold Property VS. Freehold Property

Leasehold Property VS Freehold Property - Deal Acres

Before beginning the process of transferring property ownership, you, as the seller, must determine whether your property is freehold or leasehold. This is important because the type of property will affect the selling process. Before we get started, let’s talk about what leasehold and freehold properties mean. READ MORE…

Apartment VS. Villa

Apartment VS Villa - Deal Acres

In India’s cities, apartments are now the most common type of property available. Their appeal can be ascribed to a variety of factors, including but not limited to modern design, contemporary amenities, and improved security. Additionally, the developer typically takes care of maintenance concerns including problems with the provision of water and power. READ MORE…

Fresh Booking VS Resale Property

Fresh Booking VS Resale Property - Deal Acres

If you are unsure whether to buy a new or used home then You are in the perfect place. we will help you by assisting in the decision-making, we shall compare and contrast the two varieties in this essay. Real estate purchase is not simple. The timing of the purchase is just as crucial as the choice of the seller. You could have to decide between purchasing a brand-new unit from a developer and purchasing from an owner when reserving a home. READ MORE…

Established Builder OR Small Scale Builders

Established Builder OR Small Scale Builders - Deal Acres

Numerous Established builders or Small-scale builders, both new and seasoned, are competing in the real estate market with a variety of offerings to attract more customers. Despite the company’s brand equity, every builder has unique benefits and disadvantages. Thus, while choosing a real estate tycoon or a newcomer to the builder fraternity. A potential buyer must balance the benefits and negatives to make an informed decision. READ MORE…

Low Rise apartments vs High Rise apartments

Low Rise apartments VS High Rise apartments - Deal Acres

Vertical expansion in Indian real estate has been made possible by the country’s expanding population and limited availability of land. As a result, many areas of the country have residential structures with up to 100 floors, conveniently making them skyscrapers. Even though many people find the concept of living on higher floors appealing, some who like to be closer to the ground may not find it appealing. READ MORE…

Residential VS. Non-residential Land

Residential VS Non-Residential Land - Deal Acres

Buying a developed home is very different from investing in land. The type of land you invest in, but, has a significant impact on your return on investment. Which offers a higher return on investment, residential or non-residential land? is one of the most commonly asked questions by all investors. The buyers are unaware that there are different sorts of non-residential land. each with its own set of difficulties and potential for development. READ MORE…

Home Feature Checklist

Home Feature Checklist - Deal Acres

A house is more than just bricks and mortar. A variety of factors, including location, property size, construction quality, and amenities provided by a developer, among others, go into the construction of a home. The most recent feature to look for is property registration under State RERA. Deal Acres Buyers Manual has created an easy-to-use ‘Home Features Checklist to assist you in comparing shortlisted properties on important parameters. READ MORE…

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