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What are Virtual House Tours?

At Deal Acres we are providing the best service of a virtual tour which help buyer or renter get a virtual tour of a home that you want to see.

Over the past decade, virtual reality (VR) has taken the world by storm. This new technology allows businesses to give customers a glimpse into their products and services. In fact, most industries use virtual reality to a certain extent.
Now, real estate agents can use VR to showcase their properties more creatively. Virtual house tours allow potential buyers to check out every room and corner with a few mouse clicks. Compared to photos and videos, this technology offers a more accurate and immersive experience.

Benefits of Virtual House Tours

Let’s explore the key benefits of a virtual house tour.

  • You’ll save time.
    When you put a new property on the market, you can get hundreds of phone calls from interested buyers. Meeting each of them can take a long time. Furthermore, some people are simply interested and have no intention of purchasing.
    Customers can view the property on their laptops or smartphones using a virtual tour. Those that are truly interested will call and inquire further. This will free up time for you to concentrate on other elements of your company.
  • Save money
    It might be expensive to travel back and forth to meet potential clients and show them properties. Consider how much money you’ll save on fuel!
  • Expanded reach
    When it comes to marketing your real estate projects, using a virtual self-tour might help you reach a wider audience.
    As a result, reputable virtual tour creators employ them to build better presentations. Homebuyers anticipate obtaining as much information as possible in order to make more educated judgments. Real estate owners can successfully boost the sales potential of their projects by implementing virtual tours.
  • Identifying potential clients
    As homebuyers demand, every architect must incorporate unique elements into their projects. They can target certain segments of clients who are serious about buying the property by employing virtual tours. Furthermore, using a personalized approach to creating these virtual tours boosts the likelihood of sales.
  • Easier to get people’s attention
    It is tough to hold the attention of viewers for an extended period of time in today’s competitive business market. You can enhance your chances of attracting more customers and keeping them engaged for longer by developing engaging virtual tours of real estate projects.
  • Focusing on key regions
    With the help of virtual tours, it is possible to highlight specific parts of the project. However, for a beginner, this can be a bit more difficult, that’s why it is best to engage the help of a professional. Due to constant your ideas to a reputable virtual tour firm, the professionals will incorporate the required components into your project.
  • Visual information
    You can get any type of information related to the project to use a virtual tour. These presentations have a lot of visual appeal and give you a good concept of how the project will turn out.
  • Customization
    Viewers tend to focus on the elements that are most important to them. They can, for example, zoom in on a specific section of the project, inspect the specifics, and provide a specific recommendation.


Now after the pandemic, a large portion of the home buying process can be completed by using online/virtual mediums, but buyers still visit to see properties at least once before finalizing the deal.

Virtual tours use 360-degree views to give prospective buyers a walkthrough of the home, giving them a feel of the area and layout.

• If it’s a resale flat or a furnished property, the quality of the furniture and fittings cannot be checked online.
• Virtual mediums cannot provide a sense of the neighborhood. Buyers frequently communicate with their neighbors in order to learn more about them and gain information about the building, which aids in decision-making.
• The entire transaction cannot be completed online since the buyer or seller must visit the site and interact with the sales and customer support employees.

• Make sure you have to take a live virtual tour, rather than a pre-recorded version. Check the bathrooms, kitchen, floorings, and walls for cracks, leakages, and for traffic noise, if the house is road facing. etc.
• Check the connectivity to the area, the distance to your workplace, availability of transport, amenities such as hospitals, schools, shops, and safety in the area, especially at night.
• Consider a virtual tour as a step of home-buying but take the final decision only after a physical inspection of the property.
• Check all the legal documents of the property. Visit the sales office/seller and check the title, approvals, and certifications.

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