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Vastu Tips for study room - Creating a Positive and Productive Study Room Applying the Principles of Vastu - Deal Acres

The ancient Indian architectural and design science of Vastu Shastra is grounded in the concepts of chi and pranic balance. The principles of Vastu are said to help people transform their homes and workplaces into more pleasant places to be. This article will go over the Vastu Tips for study room and how to implement them to generate the most conducive environment possible for learning.

Vastu Tips For Study Room

Learning Space and Where to Put the Desk for Studying:

The north or the east is considered the most auspicious direction for a study arena in accordance with Vastu. These are the lucky directions for gaining wisdom and understanding. The north is linked to water and is linked to providing a cool and calming atmosphere, while the east is linked to air and is recognized to provide a bright and energising one.

To get the most out of your study time, set up your desk in the upper north-east corner of your room. This is the “Eshaan” area, revealed to be the most fortunate for gaining wisdom and insight. The table needs to face either east or north and be placed against a wall. It is recommended that the desk not be placed in front of the door, as this is believed to obstruct the flow of good chi.

Vastu Tips for study room - Creating a Positive and Productive Study Room Applying the Principles of Vastu - Lighting and color scheme in the Study Room - Deal Acres

Lighting and Color Scheme in the Study Room:

The right luminensce can induce all the difference in creating a cheerful and productive study expanse. As per Vastu, a study room’s best radiance comes from natural sources, so it must be located in a spot that lets in lots of light. When the sun isn’t shining, the best direction to point artificial lights is north or east.

A study zone needs to be bright and airy. White, yellow, and light green are ideal for a study room. It is examined that a room painted in these hues will foster open and receptive environment conducive to learning and growth.

The Shape of the Study Room and Mirrors as a Study Aid:

Vastu suggests that a square or rectangle is the ideal shape. These forms are investigated to promote a happy and productive environment because of the associations with stability and balance they are thought to evoke.

The use of mirrors in a study can increase the room’s perceived size and natural lighting. Vastu, on the other hand, suggests that mirrors be positioned in the north or east, rather than in front of a desk, where they could potentially obstruct the flow of good energy.

Vastu Tips for study room - Creating a Positive and Productive Study Room Applying the Principles of Vastu - Plants and water as Study Room Decoration - Deal Acres

Plants and water as Study Room Decoration:

Incorporating plants is a great way to bring in calming, natural energy. Vastu suggests choosing large-leafed plants like ficuses or rubber plants for a study region. It is expressed that the presence of these plants in a room can help set the tone for creativity and productivity.

In Vastu, water is contemplated to be a source of good chi. A fountain, or other small water feature, placed in a study can help deliver harmony and good vibes to the extent. The water feature have to be oriented to the north or east, however.

The Importance of Room Accessories:

Adding pieces of art, photographs, and statues into a study room is a great way to liven up the area and make it feel extra welcoming. In accordance with Vastu, things that are placed in the north or east are required to have a positive and uplifting message. Examples of this would be pictures of gods or scenes from nature. Avoid having any items that could be inspired by weapons, other signs of violence, or anything else that represents violence.

Vastu Tips for study room - Creating a Positive and Productive Study Room Applying the Principles of Vastu - Technology's Role in the Study room - Deal Acres

Technology's Role in the Studyroom:

Even though there is a place for technology in the study area, it is essential that no distracting or depressing energy be brought into the leeway. Electronics, such as computers and televisions, should not be positioned in front of the study table. rather, they are expected to be positioned to the north or east. It is also essential not to overdo it with technological advancements.  and to find a happy medium between natural and artificial aspects of the environment.


The ancient Indian practise of Vastu can be used to build a study area that is conducive to and productive of academic work. The design of the study room, including its orientation, layout, sunlight, colour scheme, shape, and the objects, plants, water, and technology that are put in it, can have a big effect on how much work gets done there. One way to do better in school is to create an environment that encourages focused attention and deep concentration.

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