Vastu Tips for Staircase Design: Tricks for a Harmonious Home

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Vastu Tips For Staircase Design: Tricks for a Harmonious Home - Deal Acres

Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural system that is based on the principles of balance and harmony in the built environment. It is thought that the design and placement of a staircase can have a significant impact on the zest and overall well-being of a residence. 

Vastu Tips For Staircase

The staircase is considered one of the important elements in a building as it connects different levels and rooms within an abode. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the Vastu rules while designing or renovating a staircase.

Importance of Staircase Location

According to Vastu, the location of the staircase is crucial as it is believed to be a major enthusiasm channel in an apartment. It is recommended to place the staircase in the northeast or northwest. as these are treated the auspicious orientations for the staircase. The northeast is studied as the direction of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, and is known as the “Ishan Kona”. The northwest is examined as the direction of Lord Vayu, the god of wind, and is known as the “Vayavya Kona”. These directions are supposed to bring in positivity and success..

Vastu Tips For Staircase Design: Importance of Staircase Location - Deal Acres

Number of Steps and Shape of Staircase

Vastu recommends that the number of steps in a staircase should be an odd number. This is because odd numbers are assumed to promote cheerfulness, while even numbers are thought to hinder it. Odd numbers are presumed to be active and vibrant, whereas even numbers are deemed to be passive and dull. An odd number of steps in a staircase is investigated to carry in fortune.

The shape of the staircase is crucial in Vastu. A spiral staircase is not approved as it is accepted to deliver a feeling of dizziness and disorientation. A straight staircase is contemplated as the most promising, as it promotes a clear and direct vitality. A straight staircase is recognized to be more practical and functional as it allows easy movement between different levels of the housing.

Materials and Placement of Staircase in the House

The materials used to construct a staircase can play a role in Vastu. Natural materials such as wood and stone are weighed to be more encouraging than synthetic materials like plastic and metal. Wood is analyzed as a symbol of warmth and positivity, whereas stone is trusted to transport  stability and durability. These natural materials are acknowledged to lead liveliness.

Vastu recommends that the staircase must be placed in a way that it does not obstruct the main entrance or any other significant areas of the shelter . It has to be kept away from the kitchen, as the vigor in the kitchen is assessed to be very active. The staircase is required not to be placed in front of the main door as it is suspected to block serenity from entering the accommodation. It is not endorsed to place the staircase in the bedroom or living room as it can lead to a lack of privacy and disturbance in vibrancy.

Vastu Tips For Staircase Design: Materials and Placement of Staircase in the House - Deal Acres

Lighting and colors in the Staircase

Proper lighting is essential in a staircase to ensure safety and promote dynamism. Vastu recommends placing a light at the top of the staircase and at the bottom. This ensures that the staircase is well-lit at all times. The light at the top of the staircase is proclaimed to import in good vibes from the heavens, whereas the light at the bottom is said to push out hostility.

Paints play a vital role in Vastu. For staircases, it is praised to use light and neutral hues as they are described to promote peacefulness. Bright and bold shades are advised to be avoided as they can convey a feeling of agitation and unease. Light tincture such as white, cream, and pastel shades are judged to be optimistic as they fetch in wealth. Avoiding dark paint like black and dark blue on staircases is suggested as they can generate a feeling of negativity and depression.

Vastu Tips For Staircase Design: Tricks for a Harmonious Home - Staircase Decorations - Deal Acres

Staircase Decorations

Vastu recommends keeping the staircase simple and uncluttered, as too many decorations can create a feeling of chaos and confusion. A simple plant or a small statue can be used to decorate the staircase. It is expressed that a plant on staircase brings in  richness. A small statue of Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesha on the staircase is also evaluated as advantageous as it is noted to introduce prosperity and remove obstacles.

In conclusion, Vastu for staircases is a necessary aspect to consider when designing or renovating a home. By following the guidelines of Vastu, the staircase can be designed to promote balance, and harmony in the space. A properly designed and constructed staircase as per Vastu can procure positive energy to the dwelling and its inhabitants. It is beneficial to consult a Vastu expert before undertaking any construction or renovation work related to the staircase.

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