Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

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Vastu Tips for Pooja Room - Deal Acres

The most precious space in the house is the Pooja room. Accordingly, it’s pivotal to have the proper Vastu in the home’s pooja room. Pooja apartments and mandir spaces are essential factors of Indian homes. Because they’re regarded as the source of all good energy and sacred in every aspect, these areas play a significant part in our houses. According to Vastu, the mandir is the area of the home that radiates positivity to the other apartments. But what if the pooja room was not constructed according to Vastu shastra? In similar circumstances, the pooja room might not perform to its maximum eventuality and could need to be fixed.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room - Vastu for the Pooja Room - Deal Acres

This blog will cover some pivotal Vastu advice for your pooja room, taking into account all pivotal factors like exposure, style, colour, and material. Continue reading to learn the ideal Vastu for a pooja room. The Prayer Area’s position In Vastu shastra, the position of the pooja apartments is important. According to experts, the north east is the stylish exposure for a pooja room, followed by the east and north. These instructions are encouraging and will profit every occupant of the home.

Make sure not to place your home’s pooja room

  • Under a stairwell
  • Directly in front of the main door
  • Coming to the restroom
  • Participating a wall with a restroom or restroom.
  • Ensure that the pooja room is placed duly.

Ideal Layout for a Pooja Room

Make sure your pooja room’s roof is erected like pyramid shape, If you live in a flat or apartment. A gopura- style ceiling, like the one in the illustration below, is an option. This will insure a constant inflow of energy across your area and also draw in positive energy.  Consider about opting the Pooja Room’s position. 

According to Vastu, pooja apartments in apartments should be build on the ground bottom of the house. The pooja room should not be in the basement or on an upper bottom, according to Vastu principles. Avoiding similar locales increases positivity and good luck to the topmost extent. 

Icons' Position in the Pooja Room

It’s recommended that icons not be placed inside the prayer chamber. But if you do, make sure the height is no lesser than 9 inches or no lower than 2 inches. To enable optimal tailwind, the icons should be kept apart from one another.  While praying the bases of the icons should be at casket height. When praying, one should face the East or the North due to the placement of the icons. 

Storage Space for the Pooja Room According to vastu

  • Both clutter and dust promote negativity in a space and obstruct the energy inflow in your pooja room. Because of this, it’s pivotal to keep your home’s sacred place tidy. Then are some effects to flash back  
  • Storage closets should be located in the room’s west or south quadrants, allowing natural light to enter the space continued. 
  • Keep the prayer books in the drawers to reduce clutter.

Colors of the Pooja Room's walls and bottoms

According to Vastu colours have a big impact on the mood and energy of the place. When used in agreement with Vastu principles, colours have meaning and are emblematic of the natural rudiments. This can be relatively profitable for the family.  White, pale yellow, and blue are some of the most auspicious colours for a mandir, according to Vastu for pooja room. Both white and blue are awful selections since white represents chastity while blue instils calmness.

Avoid using dark tinges like black, cortege blue, or violet in this space. Light- multicolored flooring is likewise advised, and you can use white marble or cream- colored penstocks for this area.  Lighting For Pooja Room According To Vastu Since light is a source of good energy, it’s essential that your pooja room have a natural light source. The north- east direction is the stylish position for a window. The pooja chamber should constantly be lit up and maintained bright, according to vastu. Installing important artificial lights that can be utilised to keep the space lit after evening is advised by vaastu specialists. 

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room - Doors leading to the Pooja Room - Deal Acres

Doors leading to the Pooja Room

Through the pooja room’s the mandir of the home transmits holy powers to the remainder of the room. As per Vastu principles, this makes the door and entrance to the pooja room essential.  First, check to see if the pooja room has a door. Gods demand their own place, so a mandir without a door is just like the other apartments in the house and is no longer sacred! Choose wood as your main material when choosing doors, and make sure the design has two shutters and a threshold to keep pest and insects out.

Accessories for the Pooja Room According to Vastu

According to pooja room Vastu, images depicting negative powers similar as death, war, and so on shouldn’t be stored in this position. Don’t place a trash can there. Place bobby holders there to gather as important water as you can.   Negative accessories should be avoided.  Areas to Align Your Pooja Room the pooja room can be set up in either the living room or the kitchen. The direction must be toward the northeast of the house.

However, place it to the north- east of the room, If you decide to construct a mandir in your bedroom. When you’re sleeping, your bases should not face the pooja room.  Living room- grounded pooja room To  insure that all of the  complications of Vastu Shastra are taken care of, it’s always advised to cleave to a Vastu expert’s recommendations. still, if you cleave to the below Vastu advice, you’ll draw health, wealth, and happiness to you.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room - Icons' Position in the Pooja Room - Deal Acres

Decorating Ideas for Your Pooja Room

Pooja Room should have coloured walls since they promote happiness and good energy. thus, according to Vastu, you should choose some vibrant colours for the pooja room. rather of painting the walls of the pooja room in monotone tinges, choose vibrant tinges like light cheery, orange, calming green, maroon, etc.

Choose wall with a hint of brighter colours if you do not like bright walls. This will bring some colour to your pooja room while maintaining a veritably majestic and understated overall appearance.  Enhance the pooja room by adding penstocks You can choose penstocks for the pooja room to amp up the space and extend its useful life. Or you might try using organic accoutrements like wood or gravestone, but keep in mind that they may bear a little further keep. 

Keep the scenery simple According to Vastu, the pooja room should be decorated so that the hero is the main focal point and that gratuitous decorations are avoided. However, it’ll make the space appear crowded and disorganised, If you  embellish the  hinder and pooja room too much. The maturity of us uses incense sticks, dhoop, and diyas in our pooja apartments, therefore it’s pivotal to keep the space clean.  

Additional Vastu Tips for the Pooja Room

  • Check that the icons of Gods and religions are in excellent shape and aren’t cracked
  • In order to duly direct positive energy, pooja apartments should have low ceilings. 
  • Small icons are recommended for pooja apartments at home 7 inches is what experts say is optimal. 
  • icons and prints of Gods and divinities shouldn’t face north.

An Overview of Vastu for a Pooja Room

There’s a lot of uplifting energy in the pooja room. It’s pivotal that you maintain the sacredness of this area by making sure it complies with all vastu conditions.  Everything there’s to know about Vastu for a pooja room was covered in the forenamed composition.  Everything is covered, including direction, colour, lighting, locales, and more. Is your home’s pooja room in agreement with Vastu? What advice did you find to be most useful? Tell us in the commentary section below.

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