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Vastu tips For Kitchen - Deal Acres

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the residence since that’s where all the food and fun is. It’s also where family members cook, bond, and even hang out with friends and family. But if a kitchen isn’t built right, it could become your least favourite place in your house. So, Here Are Vastu Tips For Kitchen.

Vastu Friendly Kitchen Direction

Getting your kitchen planned in line with Vastu is a simple way to avoid this disaster.both Vastu for north-facing houses and Vastu for south-facing If you’re looking for the perfect projection, try to put your kitchen in the southeast corner of your cottage. In accordance with Vastu, the fire element rules this area, so it’s perfect for your kitchen.

The Importance of Kitchen Vastu

Kitchen vastu plays a vital role while deciding design for kitchen. A kitchen that complies with vastu fundamentals directs positive energies while removing negative ones.vastu for kitchen in a south facing house will allow you to maintain your health and shield yourself from the negative vibes that can lead to illness. 

Further, it aids in reducing the potential for fires to start in the house. Fire is both a blessing in the form of cooking and a curse in its uncontrolled form because of the widespread destruction it can cause. In view of this, it is essential that the kitchen be perfectly constructed in accordance with the laws of nature, and this is where Vastu shastra comes in.

Vastu for kitchen sink and stove plays a crucial part while planning a kitchen. Kitchens that are in alignment with vastu regulations boost the chances that happy, healthy weddings, deliveries, and holiday celebrations will occur on time.
A non-compliant kitchen has also been found to cause financial hardship, legal issues, family disputes, and so on.
As such, it is of greatest priority that your kitchen is based on the principles of Vastu.

Vastu tips For Kitchen - Stove placement according to Vastu - Deal Acres

Stove Placement According to Vastu

Vastu for the kitchen stove. As per Vastu, the arrangement of the cooking gas is the most essential part of a kitchen. Never position the stove in front of the kitchen door. and As we’ve already said, the southeast direction is ruled by fire, so the stove must always be put in that order. Also, by following the rules of kitchen Vastu, the person using the stove may face east, which is a positive way.

Location of the Kitchen Sink According to Vastu

The best spot to put sinks is in the north-east. In the kitchen layout for the kitchen sink and stove, the sink  must be far from the cooking region as water and fire are two things that go against each other. Setting a vase made of bone china between the stove and sink as a remedy if they are close together. Another  decisive thing to remember is to turn off the water tap properly after using it. There shouldn’t be any water leaks. It is believed that this causes money problems in the house.

Vastu tips For Kitchen - Location of the Kitchen Sink According to Vastu - Deal Acres

Vastu Guidelines for Kitchen Slabs

Vastu Shastra says that stone or marble is better than granite for a kitchen countertop, especially if it is black. Which shade of the kitchen counter will depend on which way the kitchen is siding. If your kitchen faces east, a green or brown is a good choice. Choose a yellow for a kitchen in the northeast. 

Taking Vastu principles into consideration, brown, maroon, or green kitchen counters are outstanding for a kitchen that is in the south or southeast. In the west, a kitchen shall be gray or yellow. The kitchen countertop in the north is required to be green, but the kitchen is not to be made in the north area if at all possible.

Ventilation and Window Location as per Vastu in the Kitchen

The orientation of the windows should be East. According to the traditional view, bacteria and viruses that grow in cool, damp environments are destroyed by the sun’s rays first thing in the morning. Place the kitchen door facing either north or northeast. Therefore the South-East is thought to be the finest zone for a kitchen, if the counters are along the two walls in an L-shaped, you can only get in from the North or West. The door to the kitchen should open clockwise. A maximum number of people are right-handed, and this helps them.

The Vastu-Friendly Colors for the Kitchen

Selecting the correct kitchen color as per Vastu and the right bedroom paint following Vastu can help you deal with many problems in life and bring health and wealth to your house.

Best Vastu colors for kitchen includes:

  1. Orange: Orange encourages partnerships, positivity, and a nice atmosphere at home. As it symbolizes strength and courage, it is regarded as a go-to tone for your kitchen. Make sure to match this paint with the south-east kitchen position suggestion.

  2. Green: The  green represents harmony and peace. It gives your kitchen the ideal relaxed mood. The nicest thing about this colour is that it reflects nature, and  nature is a symbol of peace, it will continue to ensure a calm environment at the apartment.

  3. White: The colour white represents purity and innocence. White is the ideal option if you want your kitchen to have a cheery tint. When the kitchen is covering the northwest, Vastu shastra states that painting it white is more helpful.

  4. Yellow: In vastu’s theory, yellow is an outstanding color. Yellow is a joyful complexion that represents freshness and may uplift anyone. This promotes warmth and pleasure.

  5. Pink: The hue of affection, pink evokes purity in the kitchens of contented families. In keeping with Vastu, it indicates strength and strengthens familial ties. You triumph over many difficulties in living and well-being and bring success into your house.
Vastu tips For Kitchen - Vastu guidelines for kitchen slabs - Deal Acres

Vastu Guidelines for Placing Kitchen Cabinets

Following  Vastu, the organization of cabinets in a kitchen may impact the way energies move throughout the place. The South and west walls of the kitchen need to have the most closets. Negative activities may be attracted to the open area above the kitchen depository. If the kitchen commode doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling, display plants or other decorations there. 
In every house, we have some container in which we keep food as a backup so this container needs to be put in the south-west corner of the kitchen.
By doing this, people will have more money and luck in their lives. If you don’t have a separate space for food storage, you can neatly arrange the storage containers in the orientation given.

These are some tips for kitchen Vastu which will help you to place things in an appropriate manner in accordance with Vastu. Here You can also read about More Vastu Tips for  Home – To Increase Positive Energy in Your Home.

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