Vastu Tips For Guestrooms: Creating a Comfortable and Prosperous Space

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Vastu Tips For guestrooms - Deal Acres

The saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in Sanskrit teaches us to treat guests with the same respect and reverence as people would give to a god. This means that when preparing a guestroom. it’s important to not just focus on the comfort of the guests but to adhere to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is India’s traditional construction science that provides guidelines for planning the design to bring cheerful energy and prosperity to dwellers.

Vastu Tips For Guestrooms

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture that offers rules for the model and development of buildings in order to carry positive vibes and wealth to the inhabitants. One of the most crucial rooms in a home, as per Vastu, is the guestroom. A guestroom not only serves as a relaxing area for visitors, but it represents the reputation and hospitality of the homeowner. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to Vastu fundamentals while designing a guestroom.

Location and Direction

The guestroom should be located in the west, north, or northwest orientation of the house, as these directions are recognized to conduct richness and happiness. The guestroom is required to be separate from the main bedroom. Additionally, the guestroom needs to be located at a distance from the main entrance to provide privacy for the guests. It is vital to ensure that it is well-ventilated and receives plenty of natural sun rays. This is significant as the guestroom is considered to be the arena where the aura of the guests meets the spirit of the house.

Vastu Tips For guestrooms - Location and Direction - Deal Acres

The Shape of the Guestroom

The outline of an extent can play a role in developing positivity, following Vastu regulations. It is recommended that the guestroom be rectangular or square in configuration, as these shapes are acknowledged to promote balance and harmony. Avoid irregular or odd-shaped rooms, as they can build imbalance and discomfort. Additionally, a suite that is too large or too small can also form negative ardour. So it’s imperative to choose the appropriate size and structure of the guestroom as per the requirement and availability of volume.

It is proposed to steer clear of sharp corners or edges in the guestroom, as they can convey hostile surroundings. Instead, incorporate curved shapes and round edges in the arrangement.

Guestroom with Sofa-cum-Bed

Sofa-cum-bed is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for seating as well as for sleeping. keeping in with  Vastu, it is best to place the sofa-cum-bed in the west or south of the guestroom. The head of the cot ought to be placed against the west or south wall and the foot of the couch must be towards the east or north. This positioning is believed to impart good luck and abundance.

Vastu Tips For guestrooms - Guest Room with Sofa-cum-Bed - Deal Acres

A Double Bed in the Guestroom

A double bed is a great option for a guestroom, as it can accommodate two guests comfortably. In line with  Vastu, the finest way to set a double mattress is in the west or south. It is compelled that the head of the bunk be positioned against the west or south wall, with the foot facing towards the east or north. It is critical to refrain from placing the bedstead under a beam or window, as this can cause negativity to accumulate.

Guestroom Decoration

Here are some tips for decorating a guestroom according to Vastu:

  • Use natural materials: material like bamboo, cotton, and wool generates a calming and peaceful ambience in the guestroom.
  • Incorporate plants: Placing a few plants in the guestroom can lead to fullness and a refreshing touch to the zone. Hanging a painting or photograph of nature, similar to a landscape or a seascape, can deliver happiness and a sense of calm to the guestroom.
  • Use a light-coloured bedspread: Using a fair-skinned bedspread. alike white or cream, can conceive a sense of spaciousness and purity in the guestroom.
  • Add a touch of personalization: Adding family photos or keepsakes.  can make the guests feel more at home and welcome
Vastu Tips For guestrooms - Guest Room Decoration - Deal Acres

Guest Room Vastu Colours

Colors play a significant role in crafting a joyful and welcoming atmosphere in a guestroom. In accordance with Vastu, it is advised to use bleached and pale shades such as off-white, pastel blue, green and pink. These paints are speculated to construct a peaceful and calm ambiance which is perfect for a guestroom. It is great to stay away from using dark and bold tones in a guestroom as they may cause discomfort and unease to the guests.

In conclusion, adhering to Vastu standards during the pre-planning of a guest room can help create a serene and wealthy region for both the homeowner and the guests. By paying attention to the location, layout, and decor of the guestroom. homeowners can ensure that their guest’s experience is welcome and enjoyable during their stay.

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