Vastu Tips For Basement: Creating a Harmonious Space

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Vastu Tips For Basement - Deal Acres

Nowadays, basements have become necessary.  due to the shortage of storage and the growing cost of property investment.  A basement can be used for storing, and as per some experts. Vastu for basement godown must not be used for living or sleeping.

Vastu Tips For Basement

The Vastu shastra states that a vacant under a home is unlucky, but if a basement is built in a house, some important Vastu rules must be followed. if you plan the basement according to Vastu then the unfavorable impacts will be neutralized and the residents won’t be harmed. 

Vastu, an ancient Indian science of architecture, is a holistic approach to creating a perfect balance between the built environment and the natural elements. The beliefs of Vastu are based on the interactions of the elements – earth, water, fire, and air – and their effects on energy  distribution.

Location of the Basement

In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of Vastu for the basement blueprint. how to create a beneficial environment in this often-neglected area of the home. Starting with the position. The location of the basement is a crucial aspect to consider in Vastu. Keeping in with  Vastu, the basement is required to be located in the north, east, or northeast corner of the building. This is because these directions are associated with an uplifting aura and stability, which are essential for a basement. Additionally, the basement has to be well-ventilated, with enough natural light coming in.

Vastu Tips For Basement - Location of the Basement - Deal Acres

Use of the Basement

The use of the basement is another significant component to deliberate in Vastu. Basements are often used as storages areas, workout rooms, or even living spaces. In accordance with Vastu, the basement ought to not be used for negative purposes as a jail or a morgue. It is also vital to avoid using the basement as a living for elderly or sick family members, as it is believed to be an arena of evil spirits. Instead, it is recommended to use the basement for positive purposes such as a meditation room, yoga studio, or home office.

Layout of the Basement

The planning of the basement is a critical feature to think about in Vastu. Vastu suggests that the basement have square or rectangular, as these shapes promote  staediness. It is compelled to be symmetrical and well-proportioned, with enough gap for movement and circulation. Additionally, it is important to avoid sharp corners and edges in the basement. as they are believed to attract destruction.Windows in the basement is advised to keep to a minimum and be located in the north or east walls. This allows natural light and fresh air to flow into the basement, promoting favorable surroundings.

Vastu Tips For Basement - Layout of the Basement - Deal Acres

Colors/Lighting and Maintenance of the basement

The use of colors and lighting in the basement is a decisive attribute to contemplate in Vastu. Vastu suggests using warm and bright colors, such as red, orange, and yellow. as they represent the fire element and further vibrant dynamism. Lighting is advisable to be bright, but not harsh, and should be installed in the north, east, or northeast direction. This helps to enhance the good vibes in the basement.

The maintenance of the basement is a fundamental part to ponder in Vastu. Following Vastu, clutter and dirt can attract a negative vibe and create an unhealthy environment. It is recommended to regularly clean and declutter the basement and to avoid storing unnecessary items.

Vastu Tips For Basement - ColorsLighting and Maintenance of the basement - Deal Acres

Pros and cons of the Basement


  • Adhering to Vastu foundations in the basement scheme can encourage cheerfulness.
  • It can also make the basement functional and comfortable to use.
  • The basement can be used for meditation, yoga, and a home office.


  • Adhering to Vastu standards in the basement concept requires additional costs, such as hiring a Vastu expert or making structural changes.
  • It may limit the flexibility in the configuration and architecture of the basement.
  • certain Vastu regulations also limit the use of the basement.
  • Vastu is an ancient Indian science and not everyone believes in its percepts and finds it hard to follow.


If you already have a basement that doesn’t comply with Vastu creeds, there are remedies you can implement to improve your vigor. Placing a mirror in the southwest corner can help to neutralize hostility, and install a water feature generally. A small fountain, in the northeast corner, can nurture prosperous vibrations. Placement of rooms to the intended use of the expanse, small changes can make a big difference in the overall well-being of your family. It’s always best to consult a Vastu expert to ensure your basement is in compliance with the principles and make sure you get the best out of the basement.

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