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Vastu Tips for Balcony - Deal Acres

Balconies designed according to vastu shastra can assist bring abundance and positive energy into the home. Therefore, it is crucial that you check that your home’s balconies are positioned according to vastu.

Today, balconies are an essential component of every home, particularly in high-rise structures and urban complexes. When they are maintained open, they attract abundance, bring stability to a family, and invite positivity into our homes. But was your balcony created using house vastu? Find out by reading on.

Vastu Tips for Balcony

Vastu Tips for balcony - Balcony as per Vastu - Deal Acres

Balcony Direction

East, North, or North-East are the ideal areas of your home for a balcony. These directions are more likely to receive the morning and afternoon sunlight, which is healthy for us and energising.

It can be challenging to have a balcony towards the south or west. If there is a similarly large balcony facing the other way, you should have one in the south or south-east of the house.

Balcony Roof

According to vastu shastra, your balcony should have a slanting roof that slopes down to the North or East, as shown in the above image. If you pay close attention, you will see that the roof of the balcony is also a little lower than the rest of the house, which is excellent for a home’s vastu. Everything about this allows uninterrupted natural sunshine to enter your home throughout the day. Avoid using tin or asbestos for the roof of the balcony as these materials absorb and trap heat and energy in a space.

Colours in Balcony

According to vastu, the balcony should be decorated in light colours like subdued pinks or blues and earthy tones of soft beige. you might also decide to paint your balcony white because it, too, emits light and welcomes uplifting energies into your house. According to vastu for homes, light tones of green are also suitable for balconies.

Balcony Furniture Placed According to Vastu

Balconies are relaxing spaces. It is crucial to have small seating furniture in the balcony since you sit here to enjoy the sunrise, drink your morning tea, or curl up with a book on the weekend.

In the southwest corner of the balcony, there are a few chairs and a tiny table that you can use. Placing furniture on a balcony in the west will allow you to face east or north and attract positive energy.

As advised by vastu for homes, stay away from placing big, heavy furniture on your balcony because it could block direct sunlight from entering your house.

Swing in the Balcony

Your balcony can be completely changed by adding swings, and how! Place a stylish cane swing on your balcony facing north or south, as indicated in the image above, and take some time to unwind. According to vastu for homes, these directions for a balcony swing are favourable.

Balcony Fountain

According to vastu for homes, you should position a modest water feature, such as a fountain, facing North-East on your balcony if you want to attract riches and abundance. Not only does this location bring prosperity home, but it also promotes a peaceful and tranquil state. In the North East corner of the balcony, like in the image above, a fountain is in harmony with the water element of the direction and is therefore regarded as fortunate.

Balcony Plants According to Vastu

Vastu Tips for balcony - balcony plants placed according to vastu - Deal Acres

According to vastu shastra, plants are a great complement to your environment because they raise the vibrations of a location. According to vastu, the balcony should be in the south and have lots of plants.

The plants will flourish in this location since they will receive the most light possible while also not blocking light from entering your home.

According to vastu for homes, both the south and west walls of the balcony are excellent locations for vertical gardens. Creepers and really tall plants should be avoided, though. The greatest choice for all sorts of balconies are flowering pots filled with a selection of vibrant blooms.

Plants for Balcony

Money plant
Aloe Vera
Snake plant
Peace lily
Jade plant

Vastu Significance

Reduces stress
Anti radiator
Health beneits
Mental health booster
Promotes restful sleep
Brings good luck
Act as anti-pollutants

Balcony Lighting that is Relaxing

Vastu Tips for balcony - Balcony lighting that is relaxing - Deal Acres

Vastu for house states that you should never sit on a balcony that is gloomy or unlit. This is seen as unlucky and is supposed to bring poor fortune. Choose calm lighting for the balcony.  These can be used at night to produce a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere.

It is generally advisable to seek professional advice before selecting to build your balcony according to vastu. These are broad recommendations, not instructions on how to choose a specific pattern, colour, or piece of furniture for your home’s vastu.

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