Vastu for Home – Tips to Increase Positive Energy in Your Home

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Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - Deal Acres

The efficiency of your new home will play a significant role in how happy your life will be in the future. Due to this, a lot of individuals are following the guidelines of Vastu for home as an antiquated Hindu architectural philosophy that contends that directional alignments produce spiritual harmony. While the majority of us may be aware of the importance of Vastu Shastra, few of us are sure how to apply it to our homes. Those who want to make their homes according to vastu shastra should use this article as a manual.

Apart from discussing directional alignments for various sections in your home, we also provide additional Vastu Shastra advice to maintain overall harmony in your ideal home.

Vastu for Home – Tips to Increase Positive Energy in your Home

Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - Vastu for Entrance - Deal Acres

Vastu for Entrance

Let us begin at the beginning of your home – the entrance. The owner of a home must make sure that several important Vastu Shastra guidelines for Entrance are followed in order for positive energies to easily flow there.

Vastu Shastra Directions for Entrance

The main door in your house must face the following directions:

  • North
  • East
  • North-east
  • West

Tips from Vastu Shastra for the Main Door

The main entrance of your building must be faced in the north, east, or north-east direction at all times.
Avoid having the main door facing south, south west, north west (north side), or south east (east side) if at all possible.

Things that Improve the Entrance/Main Door Vastu

  • Your primary door needs to be constructed from a durable material. In accordance with Vastu, you can construct a sturdy main door for your home using either wood or metal.

  • The main door of your home should always be a little larger than the other doors. It needs to be at least three feet broad and seven feet high. Similarly, even if it just a door, make sure it appears grander than any other door.

  • It is ideal to have a name plate at your front door. The design should be as simple as possible!
    At the front of your house, cleanliness must always be maintained. According to Vastu, an unclean main door is a significant fault that would obstruct the passage of positive energy.

Things that May Disturb Entrance/Main Door Vastu

  • If your home’s front door opens anti-clockwise, it could cause major Vastu problems.
  • Vastu recommends against placing shoe racks and trash cans near your home’s main door or entrance, which is frequent in apartment life.
  • Also avoid placing a bathroom close to the entryway while developing your new house.
  • According to Vastu, the front entrance shouldn’t be painted black. Consider using neutral or light colours.
  • It is prohibited to display animal figurines or décor items at the entryway.
  • The main entryway should be well-lit, although red lights should not be used there. You must always turn on the light in the evening and turn it off before going to bed. Therefore, be careful not to leave the space completely dark. Use a low-voltage night light for this.
Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - Vastu Shastra for the living room - Deal Acres

Vastu Shastra for the Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms with the most activity during the day. The living room serves as more of a social gathering place for the family, where everyone congregates to catch up. After a long day at work, you try to unwind here as well. You can also have your guests over here for entertainment. All of these factors elevate your living room to a crucial location.

Living Room Vastu Directions

Your new home’s living room should be situated in the east, north, or north-east, per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for the Living Room's Colour

Vastu suggests a variety of paint colours for a living room depending on its location. If your living room faces east, the sun’s direction, choose a white paint colour for the walls. Choose blue paint if the living room is situated in the west, which is Saturn’s orientation. Light yellow and green colors are typically the best options for the living room. Avoid using red and black paint in the living room.

Vastu Shastra for Furniture in the Living Room

Place the furnishings in your living room towards west or south-west. Also take note of how Vastu emphasises that furniture should have a square or rectangular shape.

Vastu Shastra for Living Room Arrangement and Decoration

While electrical items should be put in the west or north corners of the room, the TV should be positioned in the south-east corner.
If you want to add a light to your living room, put it in the exact centre, leaning slightly to the west.

Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - Vastu Shastra for the kitchen - Deal Acres

Vastu Shastra for the Kitchen

Vastu Shastra places a lot of emphasis on how a kitchen should be constructed and maintained such that it repels negative energies and draws in positive ones that promote health and happiness. To achieve this, the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and sky must be perfectly balanced.

Vastu for the Kitchen Direction

Build your kitchen at the southeast corner, which is where the Lord of Fire is seated (Agni). If that isn’t an option, you can choose to construct a Vastu-compliant kitchen facing north-west. The person in the kitchen who is preparing food must face east. The north, north-east, and south-west corners of the house should not be used for construction.

Vastu Shastra Kitchen Suggestions That are Crucial

It is recommended to install kitchen drains, wash basins, and water lines in the north or north-east direction. The washing and the cooking range in your kitchen must be installed on separate platforms since water and fire are diametrically opposed components. This will assist you in avoiding mishaps.

Kitchen Appliance Placement According to Vastu

  • The majority of kitchen equipment we use, such as the gas stove, microwave, toaster, and food processor, are symbols of the fire element. The south-east corner is the optimal location for these instruments based on the same principle.
  • The direction of the refrigerator should always be to the south-west.
  • Stock from your kitchen should be kept facing south-west.
Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - vastu for bathroom - Deal Acres

Vastu for Bathroom

An imbalance among the five elements can be brought about in this area by drawing in negative energy. Due consideration must be given to using Vastu principles when creating and maintaining bathrooms in your new home.

Vastu for Bathroom Direction

According to Vastu, your bathroom must be located in the north or north-west. When creating the bathroom, the south, south-east, or south-west directions must be avoided.

It is advised that the bathroom not share a wall with the puja room or the kitchen.

Tips and recommendations from Vastu Shastra for Designing Bathrooms and Toilets

Tips from Vastu for using Bathroom Fixtures

  • Avoid taking a bath while the geyser is still operating because water and fire are incompatible components.
  • Paint the bathroom with white.
  • The bathroom must be carefully cleaned after each bath in order for it to dry rapidly. If you don’t, accidents may happen more frequently.
  • If your bedroom and bathroom share a wall, make sure your bed is not positioned such that it faces the wall.
  • Bathrooms need to be well ventilated in order to prevent the buildup of unfavourable energies and bad odors. To stay warm and clean, your bathroom has to have access to enough sunlight. The bathroom windows have to face either east, north, or west. They have to be continually facing outward.
Vastu for Home – Tips to increase positive energy in your home - Vastu for the bedroom - Deal Acres

Vastu for the Bedroom

Your bedroom has a big impact on your health because when you sleep, your body heals. For this reason, careful preparations must be done to guarantee that you can sleep soundly in your bedroom.
You can achieve this by building and maintaining your bedroom according to Vastu principles.

According to vaastu, your bedroom should be built in either the south-west, north, or east corner of your house. Bedroom construction is not advised in the northeast or the southeast. Building a bedroom in the “Brahmasthan,” the energy source in the centre of your home, would be a serious Vastu flaw.

Vastu Shastra for Bed Shape

Vastu suggests that your bed be rectangular or square in shape. Do not choose beds that are round or oval-shaped, despite the fact that they may suit your aesthetic preferences.

Tips from the Vastu Shastra for a Happy Home

  • Don’t move any of your possessions into your new house before the griha pravesh puja ceremony. According to Vastu, everything should only be moved following the griha pravesh puja ritual.
  • Homes without enough ventilation will turn into havens for negative energy. Vastu has a really negative opinion on this. Make the necessary preparations for an effective ventilation system.
  • All of the rooms must be square or rectangular in shape. They have to move in a straight line as well. The same regulation applied to large home items like furniture.
  • Throw away all broken objects. This is particularly true with technological trash, which is a common source of excess in modern houses. These draw and have an impact on negative energy.
  • The easiest approach to draw good energy into your home is by adding flora. If having a separate lawn or courtyard isn’t an option, make a house garden on your balcony. In order to promote tranquilly and tranquillity, include water features like a fountain or an aquarium.
  • Do not use your home’s storage spaces as a trash can. Sort the items, arrange them properly, and routinely clean the storage space. Get rid of anything else you won’t need in the future as well.
  • The northward flow of water guarantees bliss. However, water flowing eastward results in financial rewards. This is why it’s important to construct wastewater exits and the primary drainage towards the east or north direction.
  • Wastewater flowing from the south or south-west can have a negative influence.
  • Within your home, stairs serve as a source of transportation. Your staircase may become a major source of inconvenience if it’s not built properly. When constructing a staircase, make careful to adhere to Vastu principles.
  • Installing the calf-cow statue in your home is one surefire technique to bring success. Bringing a statue of the Kamdhenu is said to be auspicious in Vastu. Buddha statues are said to be the same way. Buddha figurines can be scattered about your house to promote harmony and luck.

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