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The main door of a house, according to Vastu Shastra, serves as both an entrance for the family and a portal for energy. According to Vastu for home entrance, the north, northeast, east, or west directions are the finest for positioning the main door of the house entrance since they are viewed as auspicious and promote the flow of beneficial energy inside the home.

Vastu for Home Entrance​

“The front door serves as a point of entry into the home from the outside world”   As a result, the main entrance has been given top priority because it either allows or prevents the cosmic energy flow that fosters health, wealth, and peace.

Additionally, the front entrance also establishes the first impression of a house, he adds.

Vastu Direction of the Home Entrance

“As north, north-east, east, or west are regarded as auspicious directions, the main door should always be in one of those directions. A major door should not be located in the south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side). Using a lead metal pyramid and lead helix, a door that faces the south or south-west can be adjusted.

The front entrance of the house ought to open in a clockwise direction and be larger than any other door. Avoid placing three doorways parallel to the main door because this is a significant Vastu flaw that could impact the family’s happiness.

Vastu for home entrance - Vastu Direction of the front door - Deal Acres

Vastu for the Front of the House: Ideal Locations for the Main Door

  • North-east: When it comes to where to place your main door, the north-east is the most auspicious, as the graphic illustrates. Due to its exposure to the light in the morning, this is another orientation that receives a tremendous amount of energy. It gives the house and its occupants a boost of vigour and energy.
  • North: It is the second-best direction to place your main door of house or entrance because it is thought that this placement can bring wealth and fortune to the family.
  • East: Although it’s not the best placement for a home’s front door, facing east is claimed to increase power. It also raises the festive mood.
  • North-west: Choose the north west entry direction if you have no other choice and must have an entrance facing north. This is one technique to welcome prosperity and the advantages of the evening sun according to Vastu shastra.
  • Never accept the south-west entrance, says the southeast. If you have no other choice, opt for the south-east entrance as suggested by Vastu.

Vastu for the Front Door of a South-Facing House

Due to the belief that residences facing east are fortunate, the majority of people choose to do so. According to Vastu shastra, one should steer clear of south-facing homes as they are not regarded as fortunate because it is thought that Yama, the lord of death, rules over that direction.

However, other experts argue that a certain direction may not always be good or bad. Furthermore, if a home was constructed using Vastu shastra, it may offer calming energies and invite success, happiness, and good fortune for the occupants.

Here are Some Vastu Rules for a South-Facing Entrance

Fix the primary entrance flaw: Draw the south side of the house. Divide it into nine equal parts from southeast to southwest (padas). The main door entrance of a south-facing home should be in the fourth pada and face north or east. Selecting the third, second, or first pada is an additional option. Avoid the southwest for the entrance.

Kitchen: According to Vastu shastra, the kitchen should be placed in the northwest or southeast corner of the home if it faces south. This will flood the area with lots of morning sunlight. In addition, the southeast is the direction of Agni, the deity of fire, and is a great location for a kitchen since it provides enough ventilation.

Bedrooms: In a home with a south-facing front door, place the master bedroom in the southwest corner of the property. If your home has more than one storey, choose the top floor for the main bedroom. Place the remaining rooms facing northwest.

Make sure the house plan is rectangular or square for a south-facing land. The south and west walls need to be more robust and taller than the other walls.

Avoid installing septic tanks, gardens, car porches, or water pumps in the southwest. To banish bad energy, grow more trees or keep plants and flowerpots in the northwest corner.

Vastu for home entrance - Vastu for the front door of a south-facing house - Deal Acres

Entry from the South-East Vastu: Is a home with a south-east exposure good or bad?

  • It is preferable to stay away from a primary door that faces south east according to Vastu shastra for home entrances. There are straightforward Vastu fixes for a southeast house entry.
  • The fault can be fixed if the door is in the south or south-west by utilising a lead metal pyramid and lead helix.
  • To fight off the negative energies brought on by the Vastu fault, place auspicious symbols like Om or Swastik symbols made of copper or silver materials. 
  • Additionally, you can erect three Vastu pyramids. Place one pyramid on the main door of the house entry to arrange them. On either side of the door, position the additional Vastu pyramids.
  • To eliminate the Vastu dosha, hang dark red or brown curtains around the south-east house entrance.
  • Placing nine red carnelian gemstones towards southeast is another Vastu cure for this house entrance Vastu dosha.

Vastu for Home Entrance: What should be Placed in Front of the Main Door?

  • A nameplate should be placed in front of the main door of every home. A wooden nameplate can be positioned in front of the entrance door, while a metal nameplate is perfect for the northwest main entrance door.
  • Put rangolis on the floor and decorate the main door with religious symbols, such as Om, the swastika, the cross, etc.; these are seen to be auspicious and bring luck.
  • Ganesha and Lakshmi idols can be placed in the main entrance area to embellish it and to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity to the household.
  • Place a urli or a glass pot with water and flower petals to adorn the front of the house.
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting near the main entrance. Install suitable lighting.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, one can also place a black horse shoe at the entrance door to prevent evil things and bad energy from entering the dwelling.
  • It is recommended that the threshold of the main door of the home always be made of wood or marble since it is said to absorb bad energy while allowing only good energy to pass through.
  • Additionally, install doormats that will prevent dirt and bad energy from entering the home because people will use them to wipe off their shoes before entering.
  • Put lucky plants, such as money plants or tulsi plants, close to the front door of the home.

Avoid these Things in Front of the Main Door

  • Positive energy is drawn to a tidy home, especially the front door entrance. Keep broken chairs or stools, aged furniture, dustbins, shoe racks, and shoe racks away from the main entryway.
  • By no means leave a mirror in front of the front door. The forces that might enter the house will be reflected by this.
  • The main entrance, which is painted in black, should not be covered with paintings or other artwork.
  • Red lighting should not be used when placing lights at the main door entrance.

Vastu Shastra for Main Door Size

According to Vastu shastra, the size of the main door should be the largest in the house. Vastu Shastra considers this important since it will benefit the family’s luck, fortune, and health.

Instead of one large unit, it is preferable if it comes in two pieces. Make sure the doorway is wide enough and is not in a tight spot.

Vastu for home entrance - Vastu for main door size - Deal Acres

Dos and Don'ts for Main Door Vastu

A main entryway that receives plenty of early sunshine is thought to be lucky. According to Vastu Shastra, the house entrance door should face northeast. The front door of the house needs to get enough light.

If it’s not possible, you can simulate the beneficial energy of sunlight by using yellow lights in the area.

At the entryway, there should always be a strong light, although red lights should be avoided. According to Vastu Shastra for apartments and contemporary homes, the entryway should be well-lit at night.

For Wealth and Prosperity

According to Vastu shastra, place a glass pot with water and flower petals close to the front door or house entry. Water is a poor conductor of negative energy, therefore using it will help you maintain the health of your home and family members. Additionally, you can decorate the entrance to your home with Lakshmi foot decals. Additionally, these artefacts serve as home entrance decor.

Decorated Main Entrance Door

If there is space, add some greenery to the entrance. Torans work well as front door decorations as well. Avoid placing statues of animals, barren trees, other characters, or even fountains and water features, close to the main entrance.

Positive energy can be effectively brought into your home by including decorative hanging bells in the main door wall design. In addition to welcoming Goddess Lakshmi and visitors to the house, rangoli decorations on the entrance floor also send out good thoughts, promote happiness, and fight off evil. Colored powder, turmeric, limestone, Geru (brown earth powder), flower petals, and rice flour can all be used to create the rangoli.

Positioning of the Front Door

According to Vastu shastra, the main door or house entrance gate should always be on the same side. The primary door should open at a 90-degree angle and be clear of any obstructions. Ensure that the door opens clockwise. Make sure to frequently oil the hinges and polish the door hardware. At the entrance, there shouldn’t be any damaged or missing screws, or broken or chipped wood. Extra nails need to be cut off.

The front door cannot be positioned in the house’s corner. For the wellbeing of the occupants, the corners of the house must remain unoccupied.

Vastu Shastra and Nameplate

One of the best main door wall design and decoration ideas is to place fashionable name plates. Put a nameplate up at all times. When the door is facing north or west, a metal nameplate is advised. If the door is facing south or east, use a wooden nameplate. As it is believed to be luckier than the other sides, place it on the left side of the front door. Nameplates can be created with blessing symbols or depictions of gods and goddesses engraved on them.

Doorbell For the Front Door

Put the doorbell at least five feet above from the ground. Avoid using doorbells that make loud, brassy, or high noises. Choose a doorbell with a calming, gentle tone to raise the pleasant vibe in the house.

The Main Door will be made of High-Quality Wood

It’s important to select the appropriate material when building homes like apartments in accordance with Main door Vastu shastra. Only use wood of the highest calibre, and remember that this door needs to be taller than the other doors in your house. If you want to incorporate a shutter for the entry, you can choose high-quality steel.

Vastu Shastra for Main Door and Bathrooms

Bathrooms shouldn’t be located near the entrance. Choose gentle colors like pale yellow, beige, or earthy tones like wood. Avoid using vibrant colours like red or orange.

Choose Eye-Catching Main Door Colours

Based on its Vastu direction, the main door’s most auspicious colours to bring joy and luck are as follows:

  • West: Blue and white.
  • South and south-east: Silver, orange and pink.
  • South-west: Yellow.
  • North: Green.
  • North-east: Cream and yellow.
  • North-west: White and cream.
  • East: White, wooden colours or light blue.

Do not paint the main door in black colour.

Installing the Idols at the Main Entrance

Placing statues and pictures of Gods and Goddesses at your entrance is said to be lucky. In accordance with Vastu shastra, you can welcome luck, money, and prosperity into your home by placing Ganesha and Lakshmi idols and photographs at the entryway. The main door should be decorated with lucky symbols, such as the Swastika, which represents Lord Ganesha, and the Kalash with a coconut on it.

Observe your Steps

If your entryway has steps, having an odd number of steps is seen to be lucky.

No Shoe Racks

The majority of the time, individuals put shoe racks next to their front door for convenience even though entrance door decorations enhance the appearance of a home. When they return home, it helps them take off their shoes and keep them out of the way. Even though it is practical, it should be avoided. The same is true for the trash cans and damaged furnishings that are close to the front door. Things shouldn’t be hung up behind the front door.

Keep Trash Cans Away

Negative energy will enter the house if a trash can is placed next to the front door. This will also have an effect on the family’s money and success. Make sure the doorway is uncluttered and avoid scattering trash cans there.

Check the Property's Layout

You do not have much control or input on how your home is laid up in large cities. However, if you are purchasing a property, make sure the front door does not face the entry to another house. This might lead to issues. Your home should not be in the shadows created by another person’s front door or even a plant.

Nature and Types of Doors

If you choose doors with attractive designs, your home’s entry dcor will look better. However, you must refrain from installing sliding doors at your front door. No door, not even a circle, may be used. Despite having a trendy appearance, they do not follow Vastu shastra.

Use a simple, high-quality door for the entrance. Wood is a desirable material and is said to balance all doshas.

Importance of the Threshold

It is also suggested that a threshold be installed at the main entrance. Check to make sure the house is not level with the ground. This represents the positive atmosphere inside the house in contrast to the unfavourable energy outside. The threshold serves as a deterrent for negative energy and guards against financial loss. If there are stairs, they should be spaced oddly.

The threshold may be constructed from a mixture of concrete and wood. You can construct a stone-studded entranceway to shield your funds from flowing out.

Add a Doormat

Doormats are crucial. Before entering the house, dust your feet to symbolise removing any negative energy that may be present. Choose a red doormat since it is eye-catching and considered lucky.

Placement of Septic Tanks

Never place a septic tank near the entry to the main door. In order to set the ambiance, you want, it is also ideal for your main entrance to be adequately lighted. Installing modern lighting is a great option for decorating entrance doors. Use warm lighting and avoid using dim, shadowy entrances.

It is distressing and unwelcoming. Install yellow lighting in the entrance area to symbolise the sun’s beams, which is fortunate.

Remove Defective Doors

Check the main door for any dents or scratches as these are not recommended. Doors that are cracked can cause a loss of respect. Make sure to replace the front door of the house as soon as it becomes broken or cracked. Doors that are shattered, fractured, or chipped are regarded as Vastu doshas that might harm the family’s money and general well-being.


Mirror placement is a fairly typical practise in home entrance decor. When putting mirrors or other items of this nature in the foyer, it is crucial to follow the Vastu shastra. Never put a mirror in front of the main entrance.

Vastu for Home Entrance: Main Door and its Visibility

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui principles both recommend that the main door be conspicuous, noticeable, and simple to locate. It’s a good idea to add your house number or perhaps your name to the main door entrance to make it stand out. Additionally, it is preferable to have a straightforward nameplate on the door rather than ornamental engravings.

Main Door Design

Keep in mind that the main door needs to be at least three feet wide and seven feet tall. Large doors allow more energy to enter the home. Prevent short doorways, then. Additionally, the height of every other door in the house needs to be reduced.

Owners shouldn’t use the back door as the main entry. It can be utilised by your housekeeper or other employees.

Home Entry Vastu shastra: What Kind of Material Does Vastu Recommend for the Front Door?

The main door in any direction may be most fortunate if it is made of wood. However, if your front entrance faces south, the door should be made of both metal and wood. The door should also have metal work on it if it faces west. If the entrance to your main door is towards the east, it should be composed of wood with a minimal amount of metal accents, whereas a primary door facing the north should be more silver in colour.

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