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Many persons would have crossed your path who adhere to Vastu Shastra principles for home. They claim that Vastu can help you make the most of your living situation and life while promoting positivity. Once they comprehend the kind of organisation and utility of spaces that Vastu helps them apply, even those who are not ardent supporters of the principles of Vastu Shastra tend to adhere to them. Vastu shastra can be very helpful in enhancing relationships, especially those between couples. One can attract positive energies by establishing the correct bed orientation and sleeping direction according to Vastu. Therefore, it is essential to consider the bed’s position, the room’s colour scheme, and the Vastu guidelines for sleeping orientation while building a bedroom.

Vastu For Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most significant private areas in your home. Let’s examine how Vastu might transform it into a location for peace, refreshment, and relaxation. Vastu Shatra is the Indian science of architecture that promotes peace and prosperity. 

According to the traditional Vastu Shastra principles, the south orientation is the finest Vastu direction for resting. That is, when you sleep, your feet should face north and your head should face south. This comprehensive manual to bedroom design includes practical recommendations for Vastu-compliant sleeping postures.

Bed Direction and Positioning of the Bed

The south-west corner of the home is where the bedroom should face correctly, according to Vastu. In order for the legs to face the north or west as you sleep, the optimal bed direction according to Vastu is one with the head facing south or east.

The master bedroom’s bed arrangement is crucial since it affects the family’s health and quality of sleep. According to Vastu, the master bedroom should be facing either the south or the west for sleeping. When you lie down, your legs should point toward the north or the east if the bed is positioned against a wall in the south or the west.

According to Vastu, the bed in the guest room may be positioned with its head toward the west. Additionally, a wooden bed is preferable. Negative vibrations may be produced by metal. A couple should use one mattress instead of joining two separate ones to promote intimacy.

Placement of a bed in a room’s corner should be avoided as it restricts the flow of positive energy. According to Vastu, the bed should be placed in the middle of the wall in the bedroom to allow for adequate movement.

Vastu for bedroom - Bed Direction and positioning of the bed - Deal Acres

Couples' Bedroom Vastu Shastra and Sleeping Direction Suggestions

If the couple is the owners of the home, you must choose the bedroom direction according to Vastu, which is southwest. According to Vastu, a wedding couple’s bedroom should face the northwest corner. Vastu guidelines state that the bedroom should not face northeast because doing so can be unhealthy.

As per Vastu, your bed in the master bedroom should never be between the two directions but rather in the south or south-west. Relationships suffer as a result of this. The wife must sleep on her husband’s left side for a harmonious marriage. Furthermore, keep in mind that the northeast corner of your room shouldn’t be overcrowded. The passage of energy can be obstructed if you sleep in a room’s corner. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure the bed’s position leaves sufficient room on either side.

Make sure not to keep lonely items, such as a single animal or lone bird, if you want to keep showpieces or works of art.

Always keep them in pairs, like a pair of doves or even perfect couples like the goddess Lakshmi and the Hindu god Narayana.

Avoid images like owls, hawks, vultures, demons, war scenes, or other threatening birds for a serene bedroom, suggests Vastu. Keep pictures of swans, parrots, or deer instead. Display mementos from enjoyable outings and family vacations, such as photos, posters, souvenirs, and trinkets. A couple must not have single or solo objects in the bedroom if they want to have a successful marriage. Keep a pair of hearts, ducks, love birds, doves, Radha Krishna portraits, or other items that represent love instead. It is suggested against having marble floors in the bedroom for newlyweds.

The Importance of Good Sleep

There are several reasons why the human body needs a good night’s sleep. First of all, getting enough sleep improves mood and brain function, keeping a person alert and ready to tackle the day’s tasks. As a result, it helps one focus more clearly and increase productivity at work. Furthermore, a healthy body depends on getting enough sleep. It strengthens the body’s resistance to disease and its capacity to fend it off.

Best sleeping direction “Ideally, a bedroom facing south-west promotes longevity and brings good health to the home’s owner. A bedroom should not be located near the house’s northeast or southeast. According to Vastu, the couple may argue as a result of placing the bedroom in the south-east.

A health problem could be brought on by the northeastern bedroom. According to vastu, the children’s bedroom is best located in the east or north-west section of the home.

A bedroom in the north is also thought to be lucky for everyone. Young students who are looking for employment or business prospects are exceptionally fortunate. Similar to how a bedroom in the east will offer them a sharp mind and enable them to succeed in school.

There should always be a square or rectangular bed in the room. Avoid beds with a circular or oval shape. Your double bed should have a single mattress (double-sized), not two single mattresses, in accordance with Vastu. Make sure the bed is made of wood as well.

Never put your bedroom in the middle of the house because the “Brahmasthan,” or source of energy, is located there. The centre vibrates constantly, which is contrary to the bedroom’s primary purpose of providing relaxation.

According to Vastu, the wife should sleep on her husband’s left side for a harmonious marriage.

Sleeping Direction According to Vastu in the Bedroom

Direction of legs while sleeping – Benefits

  • East – Reputation and wealth
  • West – Harmony and spiritualism
  • North – Prosperity and opulence

According to the ancient Vastu Shastra principles, the south orientation is the finest Vastu direction for resting. That is, when you sleep, your feet should face north and your head should face south. This manual to bedroom design includes practical recommendations for Vastu recommended sleeping postures. In Vastu, it is recommended that you sleep in this posture if you wish to have a good night’s rest. Additionally, sleeping with your feet pointed toward the north brings luck and fortune.

As an alternative, you can choose to sleep with your feet pointed toward the east in accordance with Vastu, which promotes growth in wealth and reputation. It seems unlikely that anyone looking to the north will experience calm, sound sleep.

It will be difficult for you to obtain a good night’s sleep if you sleep with your legs facing south. Avoid travelling in the south since it is the way of the Lord of Death. Additionally, mental problems could result from it.

Vastu for Ceilings in Bedrooms

The bedroom ceiling height should ideally be 10 feet; nevertheless, it shouldn’t be too low as this can result in poor air circulation. Avoid fake ceiling designs that are uneven or have triangles dangling from them as these might disrupt sleep and induce mental stress. Good ceilings are also those that are higher in the middle and lower in the corners. Never use mirrors in ceiling designs since they might reflect the bed. According to Vastu, the ceiling should be white or another light colour since it attracts positive energy and promotes tranquilly. Avoid having a skylight in your bedroom because it can disrupt your calm sleep; instead, go inside.

Vastu for Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

Due to convenience and space limitations, baths and toilets are frequently combined with bedrooms in modern apartments. Vastu states that having a restroom in the wrong place can have negative effects on one’s health and finances. Vastu suggests placing the bedroom, or master bedroom, in the south-west corner of the home when the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. The other suitable orientations are south or west. Make sure the bathroom door is maintained closed because an open bathroom door might have a negative impact on the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Additionally, mattresses shouldn’t be located next to the toilet or bathroom. If this isn’t possible in a tiny apartment, move your bed so that it’s not leaning against the bathroom wall in the bedroom, as Vastu advises, to keep bad energy away. Compared to the bedroom floor, the bathroom floor must be at least one or two feet above the ground.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Sleeping Direction – Avoid having a kitchen directly below, on the lower floor, while creating a bedroom and positioning the bed in the direction Vastu recommends.

  • Windows – When sleeping, never leave a window open behind your head.

  • Doors  – When not in use, keep the attached toilet’s door closed. Doors that creak shouldn’t be in bedrooms; get rid of them as soon as you can.

  • Furniture – The heavier goods should be placed in the west, southwest, or south according to bedroom Vastu.

  • Dressing Table – The placement of the dressing table in the bedroom must be carefully selected in accordance with Vastu principles. According to Vastu, a dressing table can be positioned next to the bed because the mirror does not reflect the body while a person is sleeping. If the mirror is directly across from the bed, it can also be kept hidden with a curtain. According to Vaastu, a dressing table should be placed along a bedroom’s north, south, or east wall. Keep the dressing table in the north or north-west if the bedroom is in that direction. Never store it in the south, south-west, or east walls.

  • Expel negative energy – Sea salt in the water is used to mop the floor at least once a week to remove any bad energy. It is one of the easiest and best Vastu bedroom ideas to improve the energy of the home. In order to avoid negative energy, it’s also vital to avoid keeping junk under the bed.

  • Bed box – Do not store unnecessary items in the bed box or under the bed. Keep your bed box storage organised if you have one. Never store broken toys, clocks, old sheets, or other items in the bed box. According to Vastu Shastra, the items you keep in your bed box have an impact on how well you sleep.

  • Mattress Type – Even a double bed in your bedroom should have a single mattress on it, especially if it is the couple’s bed. Extra pillows shouldn’t be left on the bed.

  • Bedcovers – According to Vastu Shastra, choose the appropriate bedsheet colour might have a beneficial result. Use bed linens in light colours like pink, light purple, beige, light green, white, or brown since they promote relaxation. Be careful not to use too many black or blue geometric patterns on your linens. A pair should choose bedcovers with calming pink, peach, or soft red designs.

Position and Colour of the Almirah

Vastu for bedroom - Position and colour of the almirah - Deal Acres

Keep in mind to adhere to Vastu principles when choosing a wardrobe or other storage option for your master bedroom. The south/west wall is the best spot for an almirah, if you have one. Cash and jewellery should be stored in the north, which is the direction of Lord Kubera, according to Vastu Shastra, which is used to design wardrobes. Never open a wardrobe door to face the toilet wall or seat. Light hues like pale yellow, white, cream, beige, or light grey are appropriate choices for the almirah or wardrobe. Dark colours should be avoided as they absorb bad energy. The wardrobe in the master bedroom should be constructed of iron and wood, not marble, not the almirah. Choose a single-door wardrobe with a square or rectangular shape.

To reduce clutter, garments should be properly organised on a regular basis, and any unwanted or ripped clothing should be discarded. The jewellery should be kept facing the west or south, and the cash locker should be placed in front of the almirah’s north door.

Position of the Bed in the Room

Your bed should be placed against a south or west wall. If you can’t, make sure there is a four-inch gap between the bed and the wall. Vastu advises positioning the bed such that there are no windows behind the headrest since they can interfere with sleep. Make sure the bed is not positioned directly in front of the master bedroom’s entrance.

Vastu for Kids Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom - Kids Bedroom - Deal Acres

According to Vastu, in order to bring happiness and positive energy into the child’s bedroom must be built in the west zone of the house, with the door facing east. Keep in mind that the bedroom door should open clockwise. Additionally, keep signs from hanging on the door because they encourage aggressive behaviour and confrontations between children and their parents. The bed should be positioned such that it is not in front of the room’s entrance. Make sure the child’s bedroom is free of any sharp edges that can obstruct the energy flow. Wooden furniture and empty spaces have a positive impact on the vitality of the bedroom.

To aid with memory and focus, the study table should face east or north. Keep a crystal pyramid or tower to increase luck and the flow of good energy. The best table shapes are square or rectangle. Vastu advises hanging a picture of the rising Sun, Lord Ganesha, or Saraswati in the child’s room to bring positive vibrations. The South wall is another place where the kid’s medals, trophies, etc. can be displayed. Children shouldn’t eat on the bed because it attracts evil spirits. In the bedroom, avoid putting shoes or slippers under the table because it impairs focus.

Remove All Clutter from the Bedroom

Additionally, avoid keeping anything in your bedroom that have not been used in a long time, such as faulty machinery, electronic devices, clocks, watches, or watches. According to Vastu, the presence of electronic devices near the bed or in any other area in the room can disrupt sleep and cause issues like insomnia. According to her, clutter disrupts the energy flow and causes discord in the home. Avoid having aquariums, water features, war artwork, or solitary women in the bedroom.

Remove All Electronics From the Bedroom

Anything that disturbs the peace and quiet of the bedroom has no place here. No television, therefore. If you must have one, make sure it is put somewhere that isn’t too close to your bed. “The TV screen next to the bed shouldn’t serve as a mirror.

Avoid having a computer in your bedroom, or at least have one separated with a wall. According to vastu, computers and mobile phones are high-stress electronic devices, and the frequencies from TVs, computers, and cell phones generate hazardous radiation.

Since a bedroom is a place to rest, it should be used for leisure activities. Any interest you have can be done in the bedroom, including reading, writing, listening to music, and so on. This enhances the room’s uplifting energy. Keep the doors and windows open for 15 to 20 minutes each day to allow the energy to flow through.

Vastu for bedroom - bedroom colors - Deal Acres

Vastu for Bedroom Colours

  • Some of the greatest bedroom wall colours are earthy hues like almond tones.
  • According to Vastu, avoid using black and dark blue in children’s bedrooms since they can elicit unsettling emotions in a child and lead to health problems.
  • As per Vastu and Feng Shui, blue is a soothing colour for the bedroom. 
  • Use blue hues in your bedroom’s colour palette to attract calming energy.
  • Add greenery to the room to promote healing, and add indoor plants to complete the look.
  • Pick a white colour scheme to promote harmony and calm in marital life for couples.
  • Choose brown and pastel pink for your bedroom’s decor; this is a great colour combination for couples.

Who should occupy the Master Bedroom, According to Vastu?

If a family includes married couples and other members who are not married, according to Vastu, only married couples should reside in the master bedroom. A bedroom with a normal shape is preferable to one with decorative cuts and shapes.

Vastu Tips for Bedrooms: Placement of the Home Office and Bookshelves

  • A desk or bookshelf should be positioned in the west or south-west corner of a room in accordance with Vastu guidelines. To divide business and personal life in the bedroom, it is advisable to construct zones or places. The workstation needs to be arranged so that anyone seated at the table faces the east, north, or north-east direction.

  • Vastu suggests utilising a desk that is square or rectangular in shape. Ensure that your home office is roomy, uncluttered, and has enough air and light. Avoid sitting on the bed while working.

  • If you don’t want to paint the walls white, use a small amount of white in the form of a side table. White represents tranquilly, independence, and serenity.

  • Brown curtains, which symbolise the soil, are appropriate for a bedroom that faces south-west. Brown conveys a sense of security.

Vastu Tips For a Bedroom with a Balcony

Vastu recommends placing the balcony in the bedroom’s Eastern or Northern regions. Avoid circular balconies since they cause the residents a lot of problems. One can add a swing to the East-West axis.

Brighten the balcony to promote positivity. On the balcony, you can keep small plants facing north, east, or north-east. The balcony grill must always be free of rust. Keep undesirable items out of the balcony so that energy can flow freely.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom Lighting

  • According to Vastu, sunshine has a significant impact on the space’s positivity. Allow the bedroom to enjoy some natural light each day. From a practical standpoint, overhead spotlights and fluorescent lighting are beneficial. But task lighting forces your brain into a task-mode. Choose a few warm-lighting fixtures to create mood lighting in the bedroom. Dimmers are also available to change the intensity.

  • Play with light to add illumination, reflection, and bling while establishing a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Fixtures with problems or bulbs with fuses need to be replaced right away.

  • Make sure the bedroom has overhead or evenly dispersed illumination. Light fixtures should ideally be placed along the north and east walls since light coming from the northeast symbolises prosperity.

Vastu for Seniors' Bedrooms

Vastu for bedroom - Vastu for seniors' bedrooms - Deal Acres

The bedroom for senior citizens should be decorated in calming hues of yellow, white, green, or blue. The master bedroom of the family should be in the southwest or south. The northeast, east, or north also have rooms available for retired senior persons. The direction of the bed’s head should be either east or south.

Books should be kept on a shelf in the West. Place a table and chair in the northwest corner for activities like reading, writing, crocheting, and painting. Place the shelf containing your medications halfway between the north and northeast.

Guest Bedroom Vastu

The guest bedroom should be in the northwest, according to Vastu. The south or west side of the room is preferable for the bed arrangement. The best sleeping direction is south, which means that the head should face that way. Make sure there isn’t a beam hanging above the bed. While staying somewhere, the visitor should experience positive sensations and energy. Vastu Shastra recommends installing cabinets on the guest room’s South or West walls.

Vastu recommends using tranquil colours for the guest room, such as mild shades of white, blue, and green. Avoid using dark colours since they make a space appear smaller and draw negativity. The bathroom door shouldn’t be on the other side of the bed.

Bedroom layout According to Vastu: Mirror positioning

Vastu for bedroom - Dressing Table - Deal Acres

Mirrors are said to reflect energy around the bedroom, which can cause agitation and heighten anxieties. It’s crucial to avoid hanging a mirror on the wall across from your bed. Additionally, if your dressing table has a mirror, be cautious where you place it. Similarly, when decorating your master bedroom, mirrors and wardrobes should be placed in accordance with Vastu principles.

Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed because the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is considered unlucky by Vastu. Make sure the bed is positioned according to Vastu principles in the bedroom. The north or east wall must be used for the dressing table’s location.

Simply drape a towel over the mirror that faces your bed to prevent reflections of your body and your bed.

Best Plants for Bedrooms According to Vastu

Vastu recommends the appropriate plants for your bedroom if you want to add some greenery:

  • Money plants: it should be positioned at sharp corners to create a stress-free atmosphere. But make sure it receives some diffused light. One of the best indoor plants for cleansing the air is this creeper. So, ensure that it has a growing platform.

  • Bamboo: According to both Vastu Shastra, bamboo plants are among the luckiest plants. It may be positioned anywhere in the bedroom and needs no maintenance. The most popular location is, however, at the southeast corner.

  • Lily plant: The lily plant represents joy, serenity, and harmony. Additionally, lilies are uplifting and prevent nightmares.

  • Lavender Plant: Lavender is noted for its calming aroma, which encourages inner serenity. To get the most out of its aroma, put it close to your nightstand.

Remedy for the Bedroom's Vastu Dosha

Here are a few straightforward solutions for Vastu dosha in the bedroom, however it is always preferable to speak with a Vastu professional and get guidance. Place crystals of camphor or sea salt in a basin in a bedroom with a north-east orientation. For the purpose of correcting any Vastu defect, sea salt and camphor absorb bad energy.

A bedroom with a north-east exposure should have white or yellow walls. Vastu flaws in the north-east direction can be removed with the help of lavender aroma. The inhabitants of a north-west-facing bedroom frequently experience tension and loss of money. To correct Vastu doshas, place a Chandra Yantra in the northwest corner of the room.

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