Theme Based Homes

The Indian housing market has moved away from the idea of traditional homes and moved towards homes that are rich in architecture and culture and pay attention to not only how they look but also your specific needs. Do you like sports? Do you have older relatives or young children? The Deal Acres Buyer Manual has helpful tips on how to choose from the many “themed projects” on the market.

Themes in Housing

Themes in Housing - Deal Acres

India’s housing market is always changing to meet the needs of well-read and well-traveled homebuyers. who doesn’t want to settle for an average home that just meets their basic need for shelter? With more exposure to global housing trends, especially in the luxury market. most Indian homebuyers are becoming more interested in theme-based homes that are both unique and practical. READ MORE…

Kids Friendly Homes

Kids Friendly Homes - Deal Acres

Both inside and outside the house, children need to be safe. So, you must do the right planning when you buy a house. Parents should not only make sure that their homes have kids-friendly design features, but they should also look into kids-friendly housing societies, which are common in India’s metro cities.  READ MORE…

Retirement Homes

Retirement Homes - Deal Acres

Indian households are usually made up of a couple living with their parents or children. Every age has its own problems, but when you’re old, you need your full attention on safety and security. Because of this, retirement homes are often also called nursing homes, which offer different levels of care based on the person’s needs and their ability to pay. READ MORE…

Sports Township

Sports Township - Deal Acres

Check out the sports-themed residential projects if you’re looking for amenities that encourage an active lifestyle. The way the market is going has pushed developers to come up with innovative projects that stand out from the constant stream of new projects. And homes with sports themes are some of the most common in the metro cities vs small cities.  READ MORE…

Accessibility for Disabled-Friendly Homes

Accessibility for Disabled-friendly Homes - Deal Acres

When buying a home, the two most important things to keep in mind are safety and the basic needs of the people who will live there. If you have a family member with special needs, it’s important to find a home with features that make it easy for them to live there. READ MORE…

Hill Station Property

Hill Station Property - Deal Acres

Hill stations are no more just vacation destinations. They are also places where many people like to have a second home or retire. But if you want to buy a home in the hills, you might have to do a lot of research because the terrain is hard and there are a lot of problems with construction and quality.  READ MORE…

Waterfront Properties

Waterfront Properties - Deal Acres

One of the newest dreams of Indian homebuyers is to live by the ocean, a river, or a lake. They are popular because they are close to natural or man-made sources of water, like a pond, river, stream, canal, or even the sea. But buyers often don’t realise that living on the water has its own set of problems. Even though it might sound like a dream, one of the worst things about living close to a water source is that it can be hard to keep up. READ MORE…

Green Homes

Green Homes Deal Acres -

When compared to regular homes, green homes are known to make the best use of energy and water. They do their jobs better and make less trash. In short, they have everything to do with saving the environment and lowering the costs of living for the people who live there. Even though the cost of owning a green home is higher than that of a regular home, green homes tend to save money over time. READ MORE…

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