South-Facing House Vastu: A Comprehensive Guide

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South-Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - Deal Acres

The goal of the ancient Indian architectural and design system known as Vastu Shastra is to achieve a state of internal and external balance and harmony. Following Vastu, a home’s vibrations are strongly influenced by its orientation.

An Overview of South-Facing House Vastu

This article will discuss applying the Vastu guidelines for a south-facing home. Ancient Hindu architectural guide Vastu Shastra, a home south-facing is the most fortunate. Respecting popular belief, a home with a south-facing façade is more likely to enjoy financial success and prosperity. There’s also the idea that a home that faces south will give its residents a healthier atmosphere and boost their health in general.

Vastu location and design for a south-facing home

Keeping in with Vastu Shastra, a home’s architecture is crucial. There is an elemental and energetic connection between the directions. For those interested in fire, the south is the prime location. Therefore, it is said that a home that faces south will attract wealth .

The principles of Vastu Shastra must be taken into account when designing a south-facing home. The puja room has to be in the northeast corner of the home, and the main entrance is required to face south. It is recommended that the cooking area be situated in the southeast and the bedrooms in the west or southwest. The best arrangement for the living room is north or north-west, whereas the dining room is compelled to face south-west. Ensure each room has adequate windows to let in fresh air and light.

The significance of the front door and Pooja Room in a south-facing villa

Adhering to Vastu, a south-facing home’s main entrance is very significant. The south is considered to be the direction most conducive to welcoming blessings and vitality, so this is where the main entrance be placed. The front door is expected to be brightly lit and adorned with lucky symbols to usher in affluence . It’s not a great idea to put it under a set of stairs or a restroom, and it has to be in a spot that’s completely clear of obstructions.

A puja room in a south-facing home is crucial. The northeast is revered as the source of spiritual and heavenly vibe, making it the ideal for the pooja room. To encourage positive vibes, the puja room is obliged to have plenty of ventilation and be adorned with auspicious symbols. A separate entrance for the puja room is endorsed to keep it clean and sacred.

South-Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - South-facing Residence Kitchen - Deal Acres

South-facing Residence Kitchen

In accordance with the principles of Vastu, the kitchen that faces south is to be located in the middle of the house. Since the “fire and energy sector” is located in the southeast, the kitchen has to be situated in that area. For the best air circulation in the kitchen, position the stove so that it faces either the south or the southeast. The sink is bound to face northwest, and the refrigerator be oriented so that it faces southwest.

south-facing dwelling’s bedroom

According to the principles of Vastu, a  south-facing house  could have its bedrooms located in the middle of the house. It is generally accepted that bedrooms are oriented toward the west or south-west. since these orientations are connected with feelings of peace and relaxation. It is essential to produce a soothing ambiance in the bedrooms, which can be done by ensuring that there is adequate ventilation and decorating with neutral colors. The master bedroom to have its windows facing south-west, while the remaining to have their windows facing west.

South-Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - south-facing dwelling’s bedroom - Deal Acres

Provisions for Personal Hygiene in a South-Facing Residence

The bathrooms that face south are very important from a Vastu perspective. Restrooms have customarily been located in the north-west quadrant, which is said to be connected to both water and sanitation. Towels that aren’t stale and have plenty of airflow would be standard in public restrooms. It is preferable for all of the bedrooms, including the master bedroom and any guest bedrooms, to have their own private bathrooms. It is advised that you have windows since they allow for the entry of fresh air and light.

South-Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - South-Facing Abode’s Living Dining Room - Deal Acres

South-Facing Abode’s Living/Dining Room

In a south-facing home, Vastu also prioritises the living room and the dining room. In Feng Shui, the north and north-west are the most auspicious directions for social gathering spaces like living rooms. The living room is suggested to have plenty of windows and be painted in warm tint to create a welcoming atmosphere. The south-west corner is designated the “food and family zone,” therefore that’s where you should put the dining room. The atmosphere in the dining area can be made more pleasant and conducive to conversation by ensuring enough ventilation and using muted, tranquil shades.


In conclusion, implementing  Vastu Shastra, a south-facing home might attract richness. When designing a south-facing house, it’s crucial to adhere to Vastu principles, such as locating the main entrance in the south, the puja room in the north-east, the kitchen in the south-east, and the bedrooms in the west or south-west. It is believed that a puja room on the south side of a house will bring good fortune. It’s crucial to remember that while Vastu can serve as a useful guide, it’s up to each individual to design a space that works for them. If you want to be sure your home is in harmony with the environment and the flow of vigor , it’s best to consult a Vastu specialist. room in the northeast, the kitchen in the southeast, and paying attention to other elements like ventilation, colours, and furniture placement 

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