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At Deal Acres, we provide a home insurance facility that provides benefits for the user as a security for their home. Home insurance secures your bungalow, apartment, rental flat, owned property, or newly constructed home from potential risks. It compensates for any damages caused as a result of a tragedy.

Damage to your home can be covered by your home insurance if one of the following events occurs:

  • Environmental hazards such as storms, windstorms, fires, or lightning
  • Man-made issues such as riots, robbery, vandalism, or property destruction as a result of civil unrest
  • Deterioration caused by rail or road construction
  • Airplanes or any other vehicle colliding (not your own)
  • Smoke or an explosion

Benefits Provided by Home Insurance Policy

Different types of damage are covered by a house insurance policy. Damaged wires, water pipelines, electronic lines, or structural damage, for example. It also covers any damage to doors, floors, walls, or windows. It covers more than just loss and damage.

It can be separated into four categories on the insured property, as shown below:

  • Costs of interior damage
  • Costs of exterior damage
  • Loss or damage to personal belongings/assets from a house
  • Protection against physical injuries suffered while on the damaged property
Factors Affecting Home Insurance Rate - Deal Acres
Factor Affecting Home Insurance Rate - Home Insurance - Deal Acres-

Depending on various criteria, home insurance policies may give different levels of coverage. It varies depending on the kind of residence (rented or owned) and the size of the residence. Other factors to consider are age, residency, replacement value, and location.
For most people, purchasing a home is their single largest investment. It is a huge task that involves serious planning, saving, and research. However, because it is possible to own a home without having a home insurance policy, we tend to overlook the concept of home insurance as a whole. The majority of us believe it is a waste of money because it is a guaranteed investment for an unknown cause. However, with the rise in natural disasters, it’s a smart idea to spend a little money now to avoid a major financial loss later.

Keep reading to know more about why homeowners need home insurance:

  • The protection is not just for your home.
  • It compensates you for your loss.
  • It safeguards you against natural disasters.
  • It is not expensive.
  • It protects you from lawsuits.
  • Above all, it provides peace of mind


Mainly, Home Insurance coverage starts from the time your payment is received by the insured. Some companies also commence policy coverage after seven days of paying the policy premium.

Yes, you can ensure your home as long as it is utilized solely for residential purposes and not for business. Also, the house should not be built in the kutcha style.

It is the cost of repairing the property that has been damaged. The value of the foundation is included in the restoration cost, however, it does not include the cost of land.

Yes. Home insurance will cover the component wall of the house as long as it is not a kutch construction.

Yes, insurance companies allow you to increase sun assured value in your policy.

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