Preparing for Buyer visit

Seller Manual - Deal Acres

You’ve gotten some responses from purchasers after listing your home for sale. After some back-and-forth communication via phone and messaging, you have set a time and day for them to come see your property. You must now get your property ready for this visit because the image potential buyers have of your property will determine whether or not they decide to buy it. This chapter will go over the particular steps you can take to facilitate buyer visits and raise the likelihood that your home will be loved, shortlisted, and ultimately sold. In light of the current situation, we’ll also examine how to conduct buyer visits while the COVID-19 outbreak is still active.

Home Inspection checklist

Home Inspection checklist - deal acres

Site visits must be prepared for a property. Going bare and unprepared can turn away potential buyers and lower the likelihood that your property will be shortlisted. Use this checklist to make sure that your property’s interiors and exteriors are sufficiently clean and do not deter potential buyers. READ MORE…

Safety tips for site visits in COVID-19

Safety tips for site visits in COVID-19 - deal acres

Homebuyers usually don’t feel comfortable making a big purchase, like buying a house, without first seeing it physically. So, property visits are still an important part of the home-buying process, even though the pandemic is still going on. Even though video tours can be helpful in the early stages of choosing a property, it is very unlikely that a deal will be made based only on the virtual experience. READ MORE…

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