North Facing House Vastu: A Comprehensive Guide

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North Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - Deal Acres

By following the principles of the ancient Indian practise of Vastu. one may transform their house into a peaceful and prosperous place. The practice of vaastu is often attributed to Indian culture.

North Facing House Vastu

This post will go over the Vastu principles that are ought to be implemented to a north-facing house. as well as the steps you can take to implement them, so that your home may become a happier and more productive environment for you and your family.

Ideal Spot and Main Entrance Placement for North Facing Home

According to Vastu, the most fortunate side of a house is the one that faces north. It’s hardly surprising that the notion of water’s soothing and revitalising influence on the mind and body is at the heart of the atmosphere there. There’s a common belief that orienting your home northward has positive health effects.

North-facing homes needs to have their primary entrance at the north-east (or Eshaan) corner of the building.

The conventional belief holds that good fortune and blessings await individuals who enter and remain in a home through the front entrance. A building’s primary entrance is always expected to  be oriented in a manner consistent with this benevolent compass direction. Guests should be greeted with a warm glow and an upbeat representation of energy as they enter your home. The lotus flower and the statue of Ganesha are two such instances.

The Pooja Room Setting

The pooja room is considered to be very important in Vastu architecture. because it is the location of worship services as well as other types of spiritual activities. The “Niruthi” corner of a house, also known as the north-west corner when viewed from the north. It is the perfect spot for a room that is used for “Poojas,” which is another word for religious rituals. In order to attract fortune and blessings, the pooja chamber can only face in this direction at all times.

North Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - Locating the Master Bedroom and use of colors - Deal Acres

Locating the Master Bedroom and Use of Colors

Following the rules laid down in the ancient Indian discipline of Vastu, the master bedroom must be situated in the south-western (or “Nairuthi”) quadrant of the home. It is advised that this is how the master bedroom is set up, since it is supposed to improve one’s health and connections with others. The bed have to be placed against the west or south wall, far from the door.

If your residence faces north, you must use light-reflective colours. White, yellow, or light green are all fantastic choices for the outside of a north-facing home. Hearing these tones has been demonstrated in studies to increase motivation and output.

North Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - Location of Kitchen and dining area - Deal Acres

Location of Kitchen and Dining Area:

Due to its closeness to Agni, the element of fire, the south-east corner is regarded as the fortunate location for a kitchen. Those who adopt this style of cooking do so out of a conviction that it will improve their health and extend their lives. The kitchen could not have found a more suitable location. Instead of placing the stove in front of the entrance, it is best to put it against a south or east wall.

Niruthi suggests putting the dining room on the top north-west corner. It is commonly believed that setting the family table with this direction will bring prosperity and good fortune to the home. Setting the table in the dining room in this way will give you with maximum ease. Instead of having the dining room table facing the entryway, consider setting it against a wall to the north or west.

Making Use of Mirrors and Plants

Using mirrors to reflect light from a north-facing window may make a space look bigger than it actually is. Nonetheless, according to Vastu, mirrors are advised not to  be hung directly in front of the front door or the pooja room. This is because many people believe that reflective surfaces might prevent positive chi from flowing freely.

Plants facing north may help bring the outside in and provide a sense of calm and balance in the house. A Vastu-compliant home will have its plants arranged such that they face either north or east. Select plants that will flourish well in your indoor environment without requiring too much of your time and effort.

North Facing House Vastu A Comprehensive Guide - Making Use of Mirrors and plants - Deal Acres

Planned Vastu for a 30-by-40-foot Home on a North-Facing lot:

When creating a home with dimensions of 30 by 40 feet. It is essential to adhere to the vastu guidelines for the arrangement of items, colors, mirrors, and plants in relation to the north face of the structure. An entrance door is required to be positioned so that it faces due north, a pooja room is obliged to be in the north west. and the main bedroom has to be in the south west. An optimistic mood may be achieved with the help of some flowers, a mirror facing north or east, and some light, pastel paint


The Vastu principles for a north-facing building might help you design a peaceful and wealthy dwelling. Changing the arrangement of furniture, the wall colour, the installation of mirrors and artwork, and the addition of plants may have a profound effect on the atmosphere of a space. Making an effort to establish a peaceful and harmonious environment at home may have a profound effect on a person’s physical and mental health, as well as their capacity to attract and keep success and happiness.

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