Money Plant Vastu: The Ultimate Wealth and Prosperity Attraction System

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Money Plant Vastu The Ultimate Wealth and Prosperity Attraction System - Deal Acres

The money plant, also known as “Devil’s Ivy” or “Pothos,” is a well-liked houseplant that is believed to improve air quality while bringing its owners business benefit. In addition to “Devil’s Ivy” and “pothos,” “money plant” is another name for this plant. Vastu, an ancient Indian system of architecture and design, can be applied to space in order to boost the amount of cheerfulness therein and raise the likelihood of monetary triumph. This article will explain how to implement money plant vastu to bring more progress into your home or office.

Suitable location and Why it's crucial to give your money plant plenty of water and care.

Vastu dictates that the east or north-northeast corner of a room or building is the most auspicious spot for a money plant. Because those who adhere to Jupiter’s sphere of influence are promised material success, many people flock to these areas. It is crucial that you avoid placing the plant in the southwest corner of the room, as doing so has been linked to losses.

Vastu calls for the regular maintenance of a “money plant,” which is a symbol of welfare. Properly watered and healthy plants are thought to lead to good fortune and attract favorable energies. Make sure your plant always has access to clean water, as well as enough light and nutrients.

Money Plant Vastu The Ultimate Wealth and Prosperity Attraction System - How ColorCrystals and stones Affect the Money Plants - Deal Acres

How Color/Crystals and stones Affect the Money Plants

If you follow the principles of Vastu, the shade of your money plant can make a difference as well. Green is the luckiest colour for a money plant because of its relationship with growth and abundance. Avoid any plants with yellow or brown foliage, as these hues are believed to accompany bad luck.

Crystals and gemstones placed near a money plant are thought to increase the plant’s vitality. Crystals like clear quartz, citrine, and green aventurine are all associated with good fortune. If you choose to use these crystals, you may either hang them from the plant’s leaves or put them on display alongside your money plant.

Illumination Near Money Plant

The lighting in your home has a direct effect on the Vastu of your home and how well your money plant does. People believe that this is because the east and north-east corners of a room get the most sunlight and are therefore good for money. The joyfulness in a room can be boosted by using artificial lighting.

Vastu and Feng shui are two ancient Chinese design systems that can increase the amount of vigor in a space when used together. Feng shui comes from China, where it was first used. People believe that putting an aquarium or fountain in the east or northeast corner of a room will carry wealth.

Money Plant Vastu The Ultimate Wealth and Prosperity Attraction System - Suitable location and Why it's crucial to give your money plant plenty of water and care - Deal Acres

Playing up the optimistic vibes and Using Aromatherapy with Vastu

One more thing you can do to boost the positive vibes coming off your money plant is to play some music. Invoking good fortune and abundance, the mere act of listening to the trickle of water in a fountain or aquarium is thought to be enough. Playing relaxing instrumental music, such as classical music or recordings of natural sounds, can help create a tranquil and harmonious environment.

A further method to increase the money plant’s optimistic vibe is aromatherapy. Many people believe that essential oils like peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus might help deliver eminence. Diffusing these oils in the northeast or eastern corner of the room is recommended.

Money Plant Vastu The Ultimate Wealth and Prosperity Attraction System - Illumination near money plant - Deal Acres

Money plants: what to do and what not to do

  • You shouldn’t put your money plant in the northeast. It could cause money problems or losses, and it could transfer more bad vibes into the house.
  • The plant’s leaves and stems mustn’t ever touch the ground. They should keep getting better and better.
  • It’s bad luck to let this plant die, so don’t let it.
  • Try not to put these plants outside. Instead, keep them inside.
  • Don’t give other people money plants as gifts.


Money plant vastu is a powerful method that, when used at home or in a business, greatly increases the chances of being financially successful. By following the rules of the ancient Indian science of Vastu and doing things like using the right lighting, music, and aromatherapy, you can boost the good energy in your space and develop wealth in your life. It’s important to remember to care for your money plant and make sure it stays healthy. People believe that if you take care of a plant well, it will convey good luck and money. If you take good care of your money plant and follow the rules of Vastu, it could become a powerful symbol of wealth and profit in your home or place of business.

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