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Why Choose Legal Advice Services?

Purchasing and selling legal advice in real estate is a time-consuming and difficult process. It’s hard to tell the difference between fake and real documents without the correct legal help. Before purchasing a property, it is necessary to understand who presently owns it, the property’s ownership history, taxes owed, registration status, and so on. With Deal Acres Legal Advice Services, you can rest assured that your most valuable asset – your house – is safe and secure.

Benefits of Legal Services with Deal Acres

  • End-to-end legal support
    Get legal help with title searches, sale deeds, property registrations, and more.
  • Top Rated Lawyers
    Consult with one of the best and most highly regarded legal experts, attorneys, and lawyers in the country.
  • Lowest Costs
    For your property-related legal issues, get best-in-class assistance at the lowest prices.
  • Get Quick Assessments
    Save your time with quick turnarounds and hassle-free assessments.
  • Easy to Understand
    Our legal advice service providers help you understand the core of all legal aspects to secure your investment.
  • At your comfort
    Get done this online, from the comfort of your home.
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The cost of property registration consists of stamp duty and the registration fee. Both the charges are calculated on the bases of your property value. The charges may vary from state to state.

There are certain things that should be included in a sale deed. Check them out:

  • Full details of the parties involved
  • Details of the property being bought/sold
  • Sale consideration (price at which property is sold)
  • Indemnity & Encumbrance clauses
  • Property handover/possession date

If you are buying a home or any other property or are taking a property on lease, then it is essential to get the documents verified. When you verify the documents, you can ensure your investment is safe and you’re not getting into any property fraud or scam.

There are many documents that legal advice experts verify during the verification process. Some of the most common documents are:

  • Agreement to Sell
  • Conveyance Deed
  • Power of Attorney
  • Will
  • Relinquishment Deed
  • Partition Deed
  • Mutation Details

It usually takes around 6-10 days to verify all the documents and prepare a final report by our legal advice expert.

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