Embracing Tradition Home Decor

Embracing Tradition Home Decor - Deal Acres

Indian traditional home interior designs do a great job of reflecting India’s diverse history and culture in their interiors. Each Indian state has its own distinct aesthetic that reflects its own history, culture, and traditions. making the country a veritable melting pot.

Embracing Tradition Home Decor

Many members of the millennial generation are returning to more conventional lifestyles. A major way they are incorporating tradition into their modern lifestyle is by adding antiques to their otherwise minimalist living room.
Chandeliers, collections, vases, artworks, and flower arrangements are all very common in conventional interior design. Rugs, wooden carved almirahs, custom cabinetry, and paintings by renowned artists are a few other examples of high-priced details.

Traditional Room Decor Aesthetics

Bringing in elements of traditional home interior design helps us feel more at home in our own skin. If you want to improve the room’s aesthetics. If you’re looking to add some traditional decorating style elegance to your home, consider these styles.

  • First, incorporate more wooden features and rustic furnishings.

  • Wooden carvings on furniture are a great way to give your home a traditional look and feel while also increasing its value. Despite their high price tag, they are the one investment that will continue to generate returns long after you’re gone.

  • Minimalist living room decor is a good place to get your feet wet before diving in headfirst. Shelving units are a great accent for modern spaces, while a small table or desk with a rustic design element is perfect for more classic settings.

  • A beautiful handcrafted wooden partition between your living room and dining room is just one example of how you can use carved wood in your home. Antique wooden doors and a wood-carved swing on the patio are two more examples.

  • Don’t buy a sofa, divan (bed), or dining table until you can picture how they will look in your living room.

The Second Tip for Home Decorating is to use Antiques

We recommend placing some antique furnishings in a quiet nook of your one-bedroom flat. if you’re just starting to think about how you want to decorate your home. You can choose pieces that are inspired by Indian art styles like Pattachitra, Madhubani, Gond, Kalamkari, and Warli.To test the waters, play around with different textures and colours. until you find something that works with the modern traditional interior design you’re going for.

Adding touches of traditional house interior style to your home can also be done by:

  • You can’t go wrong with a dhurrie or an antique carpet decked out in classic designs.

  • Traditional painted stools and cabinet-ready wood carvings

  • Snake shells, mirrors, and stones were used to decorate the walls.

  • These decorative pieces are suitable for display in any room of the house.
    Decorate your home however you like, from a modern minimalist zen space to a traditional Hindu pooja room, the possibilities are endless.

If you want your home to have a stylish, classic look, you shouldn’t go crazy piling on antiques, wall hangings, and other decorative items all at once.

Embracing Tradition Home Decor - The second tip for home decorating is to use antiques - Deal Acres

Indian-style Heirloom Furniture

The best and cheapest way to infuse your 2 bhk with desi vibes is with heirloom furniture. Furniture that has been passed down through generations is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally significant. You can also increase the room’s practicality with these additions.

Make a trip to your parents’ or guardians’ house to pick up their unwanted furniture instead of hauling it to a store.
Also, if you don’t have any antique furniture in your family’s attic, you can always visit a local thrift shop in search of something special. The term “chor bazaar” refers to India’s vast market of second-hand shops.

You should keep an eye out for some of these things:

  • To furnish your kid’s bedroom with a four-poster bed Patio furniture with intricately carved planter seats.

  • For the dining room, a carved sideboard/bar cabinet Arched support from the legs and armrests. Bird cages, wooden trunks, jharokhas, and footstools all with a rustic charm
Embracing Tradition Home Decor - Indian-style heirloom furniture - Deal Acres

Vintage Pieces that have been Passed Down through the Family

The living room or lounge in your home is a special place where you and your loved ones spend a lot of quality time together. Perhaps you entertain guests there as well. Therefore, it’s important to keep it feeling warm and inviting. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your classic furnishings in the family room.

Traditional home decor can be easily incorporated into the interior design of even the smallest of living rooms. You may select from a variety of cushion covers, paintings for the walls, chairs, footstools, sofas, divans, and other seating options.

Here are some additional examples of how you can incorporate Indian tradition into your living room’s decor. A jhoola, or swing, in one corner; a Kashmiri carpet in the room’s centre; a wooden TV cabinet and a set of Chanderi curtains; some old-fashioned mint tins.

Costs can quickly add up when commissioning a traditionally styled living room interior. particularly if pricey antiques and relics need to be sourced from museums and other old institutions. As a result, you need to keep it in mind while you’re making your budget.

Place to Relax at Home

Fill empty rooms with different types of traditional folk art.

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home and feel more connected to your heritage, look no further than the rich vein of Indian art history. As we’ve established, the artistic traditions of each state are distinct. Folk art in Maharashtra takes the form of the Warli paintings. while the Madhubani paintings of Bihar are more well-known internationally.

  • Making use of these styles, you can bring classic artwork into your home without sacrificing a contemporary aesthetic.
  • It’s a worthy endeavour to purchase these works of art for display in one’s living room. You’ll be able to build a home and support local artists at the same time.
  • Adding statues, wooden boxes, and brass lamps to a study room, as well as experimenting with various cabinetry, sideboards, shelves, and tables, are all viable options for exploration.
  • If you’re the creative type who likes to do things on your own. we also recommend looking to classic works of art for inspiration before creating your own paintings or other works of art.
  • folk art designs for a classic home
Embracing Tradition Home Decor - Embellishing the Floors with Timeless Patterns - Deal Acres

Embellishing the Floors with Timeless Patterns

Putting money into high-quality rugs and doormats is the best way to give your space a cohesive traditional home interior feel. Rugs for each room in a 3 bhk design are a necessity if you’re working with such a large area. Fortunately, there is a wide range of possibilities open to you. There is no shortage of artistic designs and cultural motifs from India that can be found in rugs.

A simple dining table can be made to look more interesting by adding a splash of colour around it. Indian cashmere carpets, which are woven from the country’s famed natural silk, are another way to broaden your horizons. Though they can put a dent in your finances, they are not cheap.

A couple of low-cost alternatives exist as well. Another option is to go with a more traditional house interior aesthetic by investing several thousand dollars in Persian silk carpets. which are increasingly popular in modern Indian homes. Chinese patterns and Navajo carpets are two other potential sources of innovation.

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