Designing for Healing: Vastu Tips For Hospitals

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Designing for Healing Vastu Tips For Hospitals - Deal Acres

Vastu, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, is a holistic approach to creating a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural elements. The principles of Vastu are based on the interactions of the baic elements – earth, water, fire and air  – and their effects on the energy flow .

Introduction and Location

In this article, we will discuss Vastu tips for hospitals and how they can positively impact the curing process. The location is an important feature to think about. Consistent with Vastu, the ideal location is in the north, east or northeast. as these directions are associated with serenity and steadiness, which are essential for a curative atmosphere. Additionally, It has to be situated in a calm and restful area, away from negative influences such as graveyards or factories.

Designing for Healing Vastu Tips For Hospitals - Entrance and waiting area - Deal Acres

Entrance and Waiting Area

The main entry is a vital attribute to contemplate. As per Vastu, It is required to be located in the north, east, or northeast. This is due to these being connected with good vibes. The way in has to be well-lit and clean, and not be blocked by any obstacles such as trees or buildings. A water feature, a small fountain, can also be added to enhance the constructive vibe flow.

Waiting areas are a critical element to ponder. Keeping in Vastu, these expanses are compelled to be situated in the north, east or north-east. since these are related to enthusiasm. These must be well-lit and uncluttered. Sharp edges are excluded, as they can cause an unwanted vibe to scatter.

Consultation Rooms and Operating Rooms

Consultation rooms are an essential dimension to deliberate. In line with  Vastu, these arenas are bound to be set in the north, east or north-east. these are linked with liveliness. These ought to be well-lit and tidy, with comfortable seating arrangements for the doctor and the patient. Pointy corners are advised to be avoided, as they can cause hostility to accumulate. Operation theater is a significant facet of examination. In accordance with  Vastu, these are allowed to be established in the south or west. These orientations are affiliated with the earth element, representing consistency. These are obliged to be well-lit and organized and have all the necessary equipment and tools. The operating table is placed in the south-west, and the surgeons face the north-east while performing the surgery. This helps to advance optimism during the operation.

Designing for Healing Vastu Tips For Hospitals - Patient Rooms - Deal Acres

Patient Rooms

Patient wards are crucial to assess. Based on  Vastu, these are expected to be positioned in the south or west. This is because these are united with the earth element, which represents grounding. They are necessary to be well-ventilated and neat, with comfortable beds and furniture. The beds are to be placed in the south or west, and the patients to face the north or east while lying in bed. This helps to encourage vivacity during the rejuvenating process.

Colors and Lighting

Colors and lighting are key to evaluation .in correspondence with Vastu, warm and bright colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, can be used, as they represent the fire element and supports stability. Lighting is considered to be bright, but not harsh, and be installed in the north, east or northeast. This helps to enhance cheerfulness. Vastu suggests incorporating a garden or landscaping, as it can help to promote ebullience and build a peaceful and serene surrounding. 


Maintenance is decisive in Vastu. According to Vastu, clutter and dirt can attract pessimism and create an unhealthy milieu. It is recommended to regularly clean and declutter and to avoid storing unnecessary items in this area. It is duty-bound to also be kept hygienic and well-maintained, to boost a healthy and therapeutic habitat for patients and staff. managing the garden. It is necessitated to be positioned in the north, east, or northeast, and include plants and trees that are known to further vitality, namely tulsi and neem.

Designing for Healing Vastu Tips For Hospitals - PharmacyLaboratory and staff rooms - Deal Acres

Pharmacy/Laboratory and Staff Rooms

The pharmacy and laboratory are fundamental spaces, and their placement is studied in terms of Vastu. The pharmacy is to be placed in the south or west, as it is correlated with the earth element and represents solidity. The laboratory has got to be installed in the north or east, as it is joined with the air and space elements, which represent knowledge and research.

The staff chambers are imperative for hospitals, as they are where the staff members spend a significant amount of time. In conformity with  Vastu, these are made to be found in the south or west, as they represent reliability. These should be well-ventilated and simplified, with comfortable seating arrangements and enough volume for movement and circulation.

Overall, it’s consequential to scrutinize Vastu principles when planning a hospital in order to construct a harmonious nature. that nurtures mending and well-being for patients and staff. It’s weighty to consult with a Vastu expert to ensure that the architecture and layout align with these principles and to take into account the specific needs and requirements.

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