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Visit Top 7 Tourist Places in Hisar - Deal Acres

Hisar is one of the most developed cities in Haryana, India’s northernmost state. Hisar is a significant location in contemporary India and has a rich history. There are many tourist places in Hisar to visit. Hisar offers a wide range of amenities for a wonderful quality of life. That includes multispecialty hospitals, coeducation schools, universities, upscale hotels, and cafes. As offers contemporary dining establishments, state-of-the-art gyms, historical sites, parks, and religious locations.

The most developed city in Haryana is Hisar, which also boasts the biggest auto market in Asia. Hisar has many historical and contemporary locations to visit, making it an ideal city to live in. It also serves as a major educational hub and medical centre.

So, Here are the Top 7 Tourist Places in Hisar to visit.

1. Agroha Dham

Agroha Dham is Dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi and Maharaja Agrasen, it is one of the famous tourist attractions in Agroha, Hisar. This is a beautifully constructed temple that is maintained by Agroha Vikas Trust. The Construction of Agroha Dham’s main temple started in 1976 and was completed in 1984 but the construction of the rest is going toll this date.

The Agroha Complex has three temples: the Mahalaxmi Ji Temple in the middle, the Saraswati Ji Temple on the western side, and the Maharaj Agrasen Ji Temple on the eastern side. This location is made more lovely by the two elephant statues on the gate, the 90-foot Hanuman Ji Statue, the Ramayana and Krishna Galleries, the Vaishno Devi Cave, and the engraved walls.

Visit Top 7 Tourist Places in Hisar - Agroha Dham - Deal Acres

2. Firoz Shah Complex and Gujri Mahal

Firoz shah complex and Gujri mahal was developed by Firoz Shah Tuglaq the “Sultan of Delhi” in 1354AD. this fort was the first ever building of Hisar. The city Hisar was developed inside this fort with 4 Gates – Delhi Gate, Talagi Gate, Nagori Gate, and Mori gate.

Firoz Shah Tuglaq constructed the Gujri Mahal for his Gujri Rani, a member of the Gujjar community. Like the Taj Mahal, this place was constructed on the principles of love. It is reported that King once saw a Gujjar girl while on a hunting trip and fell in love with her beauty. She refused to leave Hisar when the King tried to take her to Delhi after their marriage, so he erected this square-shaped palace in Hisar for his beloved Rani.

3. Town Park and PLA Complex

One of Hisar’s well-known parks, Town Park is a favorite destination for families with young children, seniors, and couples. This well-kept Garden is situated on Delhi Road, and due to its thick shrubs, you may escape the bustle of the city there. The park’s magnificent musical fountain in the middle is arguably its most alluring feature. Several people come here daily to relax and unwind, go walking or jogging, use the outdoor gym, and exercise. The Park is among the greatest places to take children in Hisar since they like the amusement park and musical fountain.

Every youngster living in Hisar enjoys street food in PLA Market. There is Some great food chains like Burger Harbour, Baskin Robins, Browns Court Bakery and Pizza wings also have their branch in this complex.

4. OP Jindal Tower ​

OP Jindal tower is high rise tower of 282ft it is also known as Gyan Kendra. it is the major attraction in Hisar. This is a tower from where you can see the whole Hisar and enjoy the magnificent view of the city from the top. OP Jindal tower is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. This Gyan Kendra also has Skating Ground, Swing, Library and Museum.

Visit Top 7 Tourist Places in Hisar - Blue Bird Lake - Deal Acres

5. Blue Bird Lake

Bluebird lake is the only lake in Hisar that is situated on NH 10, near Hisar Airport. The lake is surrounded by a park that spanned over 52 acres of land. the lake itself is over 20 acres of land and has a small island that provides residence for migratory birds and more fore flora and fauna.

The lake includes boating and fishing facilities with all the necessary safety equipment, including life jackets and gadgets. The lake also contains beautifully manicured parks, strolling trails for sightseeing, jogging tracks, over-water bridges, and a children’s play area. It is among the top destinations in Hisar for relaxing with the family, school field trips, and couples.

6. Eminent Mall

Eminent Mall is the only mall in Hisar that is up to the standards of malls in major cities. The prestigious mall occupies a space of 17550 square feet, featuring a 4400 square foot atrium and a 5800 square foot food court. For the people of Hisar, this five-story mall serves as a one-stop destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Although The Eminent Mall is Hisar’s newest mall, it draws the most visitors. Particularly Miraz cinema Lovers. There is enough room for more than 400 people in this three-screen theatre. Additionally, there are several major brands in the mall, including Burger King for food and shopping, and more are on the way.

Visit Top 7 Tourist Places in Hisar - Haryana Agriculture University (HAU) - Deal Acres

7. Haryana Agriculture University (HAU)

The largest agricultural university in Asia is HAU. It has a very large and lovely campus, is frequented by locals for morning and evening strolls, and has developed into one of the top tourist destinations in Hisar. There are 7219 acres total on the university campus, of which 1426 acres are located at outstations. 

Six colleges are located on the main campus, along with the Fletcher Bhawan for support workers, the Indira Gandhi Auditorium, the Hostel, the Kishan Ashram for visiting farmers, clubs, shopping malls, banks, book stores, etc. And the most interesting thing is that HAU has a temperature of 2 Degree lower than Hisar City.

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